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Processing Returns

Refunds and return requests are an important part of running an online store and offer another opportunity to provide superior customer service. BigCommerce makes it easy for your customers to request a refund and for you to make it happen.


Return Settings

Return settings are located under Advanced SettingsReturns.

Return Settings

  • Enable Returns System — Allows customers to request returns.

  • Return Instructions — This message will be displayed to your customer after they have submitted a request.

    For example, "Please package and return your items to Smith's Company, 123 Smith St., Smithville, CO. Please include the RMA number on the box."

  • Return Reasons — The customer will have to select one of these reasons when making the return request; enter one per line or leave blank.

    For example:

    • Received Wrong Product
    • Ordered Wrong Product
    • Not Satisfied with Product
    • There is a Problem with the Product
  • Return Actions — A list of actions the customer can choose from when submitting a return request; enter one per line or leave blank.

    For example:

    • Repair
    • Replace
    • Receive Store Credit
  • Allow store credits? — Staff will be able to credit a customer's account when processing the return request.

If you wish to use Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers, we recommend using an app like ShipStation. Our integration with ShipStation lets you print shipping labels for USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Australia Post, Canada Post, and much more — all directly from ShipStation. ShipStation can also let your customers initiate and create return labels on your own branded returns portal.


Return Notification Settings

Return Notification Settings

The Return Notification Settings allow you to control which notifications go out to your customer regarding the return:

  • Send me an email when I receive a new return request
  • Send a confirmation message to the customer
  • Send the customer an email when a return status is changed

Customer Return Process

Your customer will need to take the following steps to submit a return request:

1. Log into your store, then go to My Account.

My Account

2. Click Completed to see a list of all completed orders.

Manage your Account

3. Find the order they wish to return, then click Return Item(s) next to View Order Details.

Return Items

4. Fill out the following items on the return request:

Return Request

  • Quantity to return
  • Return reason
  • Return action optional
  • Comments optional

5. Click Submit Return Request.

When a return request is submitted, a notification email is delivered to the email address specified in your Store Profile Settings, and the customer receives a confirmation email. The templates that generate these emails are named return_notification_email.html and return_confirmation_email.html, respectively. You can find them in StorefrontEmail Templates.

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Processing Return Requests

If you receive a return request, you will see a notification on your dashboard when you log into BigCommerce.

Dashboard Notification

You can find all active and resolved return requests under OrdersReturn Request.

1. Change the status of the request to whichever of the following applies:

  • Pending
  • Received
  • Return Authorized
  • Item(s) Repaired
  • Item(s) Refunded — this will change the order's status to Refunded
  • Request Rejected
  • Cancelled

Changing the status will not transact any money. You will still need to perform the refund in the next step. After submitting the request, they will see the Return Instructions from your settings.

This is the email your customer receives when you change the status of a return request. The email template used to generate it is called return_statuschange_email.html, which you can find from StorefrontEmail Templates.

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2. If requested, a refund can be done through the control panel if you are using one of the gateways listed below. Otherwise, you can use your payment gateway's virtual terminal.

  • PayPal Powered by Braintree
  • Global Payments
  • NMI
  • PayPal Express
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Quickbooks Payments

If you wish to issue store credit instead of an actual refund, click Action and select Issue store credit. You will then be asked to confirm.

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