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Offering Gift Wrapping

Using the built-in gift wrapping feature, you can offer your customers the option of having their purchases gift wrapped. You can offer this for free, or set up different pricing levels and options. You may also offer gift wrapping on all your products, or specify which products are eligible.

When viewing their cart contents, customers will see a link for Gift Wrapping: Add below each eligible product. Clicking the link will allow the customer to select from your gift wrapping options.

Add Gift Wrapping option highlighted on the cart page of a storefront with the Cornerstone theme


Creating a Gift Wrapping Option

You must create at least one Gift Wrapping Option in order to offer gift wrapping.

1. Go to Advanced SettingsGift Wrapping.

2. Click Add a New Gift Wrapping Option.

3. Name your gift wrapping option, upload a preview picture, and price it. You may also decide whether you want your customers to be able to add a gift message.

Gift Wrapping Settings

4. Save your changes.


What's the Preview Image? When customers add gift wrapping while viewing their cart contents, they have the option of viewing a sample of what the gift wrapped item will look like. This is especially useful for merchants that have different gift wrapping themes, like birthday-themed versus holiday-themed.


Product-level Gift Wrapping

By default, all gift wrapping options are available on all products. Follow these steps to limit specific gift wrapping options to specific products, or exclude them completely.

1. Add or edit a product, and click on the Other Details tab.

2. Scroll down to the Gift Wrapping settings beneath the Other Details section. You can specify if this product will offer all, none, or only certain gift wrapping options.

Gift Wrapping options under the Other Details tab in Add/Edit a Product

3. When finished, click Save & Exit.



How do I remove/disable gift wrapping for my whole store?

Under Advanced SettingsGift Wrapping, delete all gift wrapping options.

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