BigCommerce University

This three part video series will walk you through building, managing, and growing a successful online business.

Getting Started with BigCommerce thumb
Getting Started with BigCommerce

2 min 50 sec

Learn about your control panel and our educational resources.

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Stencil Themes & the Theme Editor thumb
Stencil Themes & the Theme Editor

4 min 25 sec

Browse and choose beautiful BigCommerce themes and customize them with the Theme Editor.

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Carousel & Design Options thumb
Carousel & Design Options

4 min 18 sec

Create a carousel that turns website visitors into shoppers.

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Store Settings thumb
Store Settings

5 min 15 sec

Customize the functionality of your online store.

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Product Categories thumb
Product Categories

4 min 04 sec

Organize your store's navigation with product categories.

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Adding a Product thumb
Adding a Product

5 min 49 sec

Understand all of your options when adding a product.

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Product Options thumb
Product Options

3 min 58 sec

Offer options like color, size and patterns for your products.

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SKUs & Tracking Inventory thumb
SKUs & Tracking Inventory

5 min 19 sec

Track inventory with SKUs so you can scale.

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Product Options: Rules thumb
Product Options: Rules

3 min 38 sec

Alter your product listing based on a customer's selection.

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Setting up Taxes thumb
Setting up Taxes

4 min 44 sec

Learn the essentials of collecting sales tax.

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Payment Methods thumb
Payment Methods

3 min 08 sec

Accepting payments at BigCommerce.

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Shipping: Zones and Charges thumb
Shipping: Zones and Charges

7 min 58 sec

Get started with shipping by setting up fixed shipping charges.

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Shipping: Real Time Quotes thumb
Shipping: Real Time Quotes

4 min 22 sec

Offer your customers real time shipping quotes from major providers.

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Domain Names and Email thumb
Domain Names and Email

3 min 09 sec

Adding a Domain name to your store and setting up email.

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Launching Your Store thumb
Launching Your Store

1 min 56 sec

Final tips for when you're ready to launch your business.

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Order Management thumb
Order Management

5 min 28 sec

Tips and resource for managing orders and running your online store.

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Importing and Exporting CSVs thumb
Importing and Exporting CSVs

3 min 57 sec

The BigCommerce Import/Export function can streamline data management for your online store.

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Ecommerce Analytics & Insights thumb
Ecommerce Analytics & Insights

5 min 17 sec

Track your store's performance with Ecommerce Analytics & Insights.

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Omni-Channel Integrations thumb
Omni-Channel Integrations


BigCommerce offers a seamless approach to omni-channel retailing, serving as the hub for all your channels.

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Product Filtering thumb
Product Filtering

2 min 26 sec

Product Filtering greatly improves your site navigation

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SSL Certificates thumb
SSL Certificates

2 min 57 secs

SSL certificates help protect customer information.

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Creating Contact and Content Pages thumb
Creating Contact and Content Pages

3 min 36 sec

Contact Pages are important for gathering store feedback.

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Return Requests and Order Refunds thumb
Return Requests and Order Refunds

4 min 55 sec

Managing return requests and order refunds is easy with BigCommerce.

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Finding Your Target Market thumb
Finding Your Target Market

2 min 14 sec

Identify and target the right potential customers.

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Title Tags and Meta Descriptions thumb
Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

3 min 33 sec

Maximize conversion slick-through from search engines.

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Image Descriptions thumb
Image Descriptions

3 min 27 sec

Image search is quite popular, make sure you rank well.

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Write a Blog thumb
Write a Blog

6 min 28 sec

Blogging helps your site's SEO and retain customers.

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Managing Customer Accounts thumb
Managing Customer Accounts

6 min 29 sec

Take full advantage of BigCommerce's customer relationship manager.

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Maintaining a Healthy Store thumb
Maintaining a Healthy Store

6 min 7 sec

Be sure to back up your store's sensitive information.

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Creating a Facebook Page thumb
Creating a Facebook Page

3 min 56 sec

Create a Facebook page for your brand or business.

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Getting Started With SEO thumb
Getting Started With SEO

6 min 14 sec

SEO is the most important part of driving traffic to your store.

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SEO Keywords: Researching thumb
SEO Keywords: Researching

4 min 15 sec

The right keywords will bring the right potential customers.

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SEO Keywords: Research Tools thumb
SEO Keywords: Research Tools

5 min 29 sec

Recommended keyword research tools and how to use them.

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Design: Website Conversion thumb
Design: Website Conversion

6 min 24 sec

Your design can make or break your conversion rate.

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Design: Product Page Conversion thumb
Design: Product Page Conversion

4 min 23 sec

Turn your product pages into conversion machines.

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Shipping and Returns thumb
Shipping and Returns

4 min 28 sec

Create a shipping and returns policy that sells.

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Abandoned Cart Saver thumb
Abandoned Cart Saver

4 min 28 sec

Increase your sales up to 15% - automatically!

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Conversion Tools thumb
Conversion Tools

5 min 55

Make sure you have the right conversion tools in your tool belt.

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Product Photos that Convert thumb
Product Photos that Convert

4 min 47 sec

Great product photography is a key to success.

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Customer Service thumb
Customer Service

5 min 32 sec

Learn how to deliver the "WOW" experience.

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Creating Customer Groups thumb
Creating Customer Groups

4 min 31 sec

Better target your shoppers and customers for a higher ROI.

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Google Analytics: Part 1 thumb
Google Analytics: Part 1

2 min 40 sec

Understand customer behavior and how your store is performing.

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Google Analytics: Part 2 thumb
Google Analytics: Part 2

3 min 28 sec

Understand customer behavior and how your store is performing.

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Google Analytics: Part 3 thumb
Google Analytics: Part 3

4 min 50 sec

Understand customer behavior and how your store is performing.

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