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Store Profile Settings

The store profile provides basic information about your business which the store uses for various features. It can affect which payment gateways are available, how your contact information appears in invoices and the store footer. It is important to fill this out accordingly. 

Go to Store SetupStore Profile to update or change your Store Profile Contact Information.

Contact Information in Store Profile Settings

  • Name — the name of your store as you want it to appear in all emails, invoices, confirmations, and the header of your store
  • Store Address — the physical address of your store or place of business; appears on printed invoices and in the footer of most themes.
  • This address is a — specifies whether the above address is a home or commercial office, retail store, or warehouse
  • Store Country — the country your store is run from; determines which shipping and payment providers will be available for use with your store
  • Email — the email address used by all emails sent by the store, such as invoices and order status updates. NOTE: This should be an email using the same domain as your store, not a third-party email service like Yahoo, Gmail, or AOL. See Troubleshooting | Customer Order Notifications for more details.
  • Phone — the phone number as you wish it to appear on your storefront (desktop and mobile theme). If left blank, no phone number will appear.

Pro Tip! Stores with a visible contact number get higher conversion rates!

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