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Legacy Checkout

Legacy Checkout is the checkout experience available for stores created prior to May 2019. It has been replaced by Optimized One-Page Checkout. “Legacy Checkout” refers to both the legacy one-page and multi-page checkout experiences.

Why did you replace Legacy Checkout?

We built Optimized One-Page Checkout to provide an improved customer experience and store conversion rate. It includes a streamlined interface and supports features such as multi-currency, pre-selected shipping options, Google Address Autocomplete, and Google Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics. To learn more, see Optimized One-Page Checkout.


Legacy Checkout Settings

Checkout settings are accessed under Advanced SettingsCheckout.


Checkout Type

The checkout type setting lets you configure which checkout experience you want on your store. If you have a legacy checkout enabled, you will see the following options. Stores created before May 19, 2019 may see additional legacy checkout types listed.

Checkout type setting


Guest Checkout

User-added imageSelect whether you would like customers to be able to check out without creating an account. If you select this option, you can also select whether you would like an account created for them automatically.

If a customer who checked out as a guest returns to your store and uses the same email address, they will still be able to check out as a guest, even if you've selected to automatically create an account for them. If they do wish to see their account details, they can request a password reset from the login page.

To enable or disable review emails to guest checkouts, see Miscellaneous Settings.


Order Comments

User-added image

Enable customers to be able to enter comments with their order. These comments can be seen through the Order Actions menu.


Terms and Conditions

User-added image

Select if you would like to require customers to agree to terms and conditions. You can opt to link to an existing terms and conditions page, or enter your terms and conditions here.


Multiple Shipping Addresses

Enable customers to be able to ship orders to multiple addresses. 

User-added image

To learn more about enabling multiple destination shipping, see Shipping to Multiple Addresses.


Persistent Cart

This setting allows customers to access their cart and check out across multiple devices whenever they are logged into their account. This setting is only available on Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. See Persistent Cart for more information.


Optimized One-Page Checkout Settings

The following settings are visible on the Checkout Settings page, but can only be used with Optimized One-Page Checkout. These options will appear grayed out.

  • Collapse Coupon Code — Hides the coupon code/gift certificate box behind a link
  • Bot Protection — Enables ReCaptcha v2 on your checkout to keep bots from creating orders
  • Google Address Autocomplete — Autofills address information when the customer starts typing
  • Default Shipping Option — Lets you default to the least expensive, fastest, or most expensive shipping result
  • Checkout styling — Lets you make styling changes to checkout on supported themes

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