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Once you’ve connected your BigCommerce store to Facebook, you can advertise your products across Facebook and Instagram to increase sales, build your brand, or promote your local business.

Facebook’s Ads Manager allows you to choose your ad’s objective, select your audience and geography, set your budget, then track your ad campaign’s performance.

The BigCommerce Facebook Pixel integration sends your shoppers’ behavioral data to Facebook to improve the effectiveness of your ads and reporting.


Did you know? If your business is based in the US, your shoppers can check out on Facebook and Instagram directly. See Facebook Shop and Sell on Instagram for more information.



To get started, you’ll need to create a pixel (if you haven’t already), then connect your store to Facebook.

See Facebook’s documentation for more information about objectives, audiences, ad placement, formats, budgeting, reporting, and more.

In addition to Facebook's native tools, the Apps Marketplace also features several third-party solutions for creating and managing ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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