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Data Solutions

The Data Solutions area of your control panel allows you to implement a variety of third-party tracking services, such as Meta Pixel and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), to help you better understand the performance of your storefront and other marketing tools.

To get started, go to SettingsData solutions.


Web Analytics

These tools help you to discover how people find and interact with your storefront. To set them up, you’ll typically paste in a piece of code you got from a third party. To get started, click Connect beside the tool you want to set up.

Web Analytics in Data Solutions

Click the Learn More link in the control panel or use the list below for more information about what each tool is and how it works.

Data Layer

The data layer is the standard source of information on all actions performed in the browser. Turning it on at the global level applies to all associated storefronts by default and can be overridden. Turn on the data layer must be enabled for GA4 to work, and setting up GA4 will automatically enable it.

Show advanced settings expanded showing the setting to turn on the data layer


Data Warehouses

Connect with a data warehouse to analyze your data with SQL and/or connect to your business intelligence (BI) platform of choice for custom reporting and analysis.

BigCommerce has a built-in integration with Google BigQuery. You can also use Skyvia to send your BigCommerce data to all the leading data warehouse solutions such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, and more.


Business Intelligence Platforms

Once you've sent your BigCommerce store's data to a data warehouse, you can create custom reports by connecting a BI platform.


Customer Data Platforms

Collect events across all sales channels to create a single view of the customer. Customer data platforms provide insight into how your customers visit and interact with your storefront, allowing you to make informed decisions on customer experience.



How can I see if changes were made to my connected data solutions?

In your store’s Staff Action Log, you can see a history of changes to the following data solutions:

The logs provide information on what change was made to the data solution (connection, disconnection, or script update), when the change was made, and which control panel user made it.

Examples of staff action logs for data solutions.

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