What are the basics of changing the design of my store?

Changing the Theme

1. Login to your store's control panel.

2. Click Design.


3. On this page, the theme you are currently using and your alternatives are listed. To switch themes, select the Apply button for that theme . If the theme is a premium (paid) theme, you will be prompted to enter payment details.

You may preview any of the themes from this area by clicking on the View Demo button. An index of our themes and demo stores is also available here.


4. A small window will pop up asking you to confirm your choice. From this window you will have the option to download the store's current theme to a zip archive for backup purposes.

Any customizations to your theme's files will be lost when changing to a different theme. Be sure to download a backup. Restore your theme using WebDAV.

5. Once you have checked the box confirming you understand, click Apply new theme.


6. You will be returned to the Design page and see a green bar confirming the change, with a link to view the store.

1. Login to your store's control panel.

2. Click Design.


3. Select the Logo tab.


Here, you can choose from among a number of options, though they depend upon your chosen theme. All themes will allow you to use a text or image logo that you create yourself, though some will also create a logo for you. In this example, we'll upload our own logo image.

4. Choose the radio button for Upload a logo image from my computer.


5.Next, click Choose File to select the image from your computer, and then click Upload Logo Image


Uploading a Favicon

1. Login to your store's control panel.

2. Click Design.


3. Select the More tab, and then select Favicon.


4. Click Choose File, then select the favicon on your computer. Remember the image should be square, and no larger than 128 x 128 pixels. Images of the .ico format work best.

5. Click Upload Favicon.


Your store is now using your custom favicon. You may need to clear your browser's cache to reflect the change.

If you need to resize a large image to the ideal size for a favicon or if you are having issues with the image format, try using an online favicon generator such as favicon-generator.org or favicon.cc. Tools such as these will export the image in the correct size and format for Bigcommerce.


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