What are product options & product option sets?

What are product options?

Product options are the choices a customer sees on a product page, such as size or color, or a text input box. There are three parts of a product option:

  • Value - a specific attribute such as "green" or "small".
  • Option - a collection of similar values, e.g. "colors" or "sizes". This will have a particular type of display, such as multiple choice or text field.
  • Option Set - a group of one or more options. This set is what is applied to one or more products.


How to Create Product Options (Short Version)

1. Create an option, and values to it. (Products > Product Options > Create an Option)

2. Create an option set, and options to it. (Option Sets > Create an Option Set)

3. Apply the option set to a product. (Edit a Product > Options)

How to Create Products Options (Long Version)

Create an Option

1. Go to Products then select Product Options.


2. Click Create an Option.


3. Fill out the first page, and click Next when finished.

  • Option Name - The name of the option, e.g. "Color."
  • Display Name - What the customer will see (e.g. "Choose a color". This is optional.)
  • Display Type - The kind of option set. (See this article for a full list with examples.)
  • Include in These Option Sets - Assigning to an existing option set at this step will make the option "not required". You may change this setting later on.


Depending on the display type chosen in the previous step, there may be various settings to select. These can be edited later, should you need.

4. Assuming you've chosen Multiple Choice, enter your first value into the text field. Click the add button for each additional value, and type it into the new field.


5. Click Save when you are done. You can always edit your options to add or remove values as needed.

When adding additional values to an existing option, those new values will show automatically for any product using that option in a set. If you use rules to apply to certain values, you may need to update your rules. See here for more about rules.

Create an Option Set

1. Go to Products then Product Options and click on the Option Sets tab.

2. Click Create an Option Set.


3. Name your option set. This is helpful to recognize it later on, so it's best to make it relevant to your option set.

4. In the list of Available options, click Add next to the option(s) you want to be in your product.
When selected, they will appear to the right under Options in This Set. Click the red button to remove an option from the set.


To omit particular values or to mark option as "required", click Edit next to the remove button.

5. When finished, click Save and Exit.

Apply the Option Set to the Product

1. Select Products then View Products and click on a product name to edit it.


2. Click on the Options tab.


3. Select the desired Option Set from the drop-down list.


You must Save after this step to apply your selection, before moving on to add any Rules or SKUs.

4. View your product in your store to admire your handiwork.

Rules and SKUs

Rules and SKUs compliment with your product options to allow increased functionality.

  • Rules - Trigger certain events when specific options are selected, such as changing the image, price, or weight of the product. You can assign them to the option set, so that they will apply to every product using the same option set, or on an individual product. Learn more about adding rules to options and option sets.
  • SKUs - Can be assigned to each option or combination of options for a product, allowing you to keep track of which products and options are in stock. Use Inventory settings after setting up SKUs help control the behavior of out-of-stock or non-existent option combinations. Learn how to create SKUs here.


This video will go over the entire process of creating product options.

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