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An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, certificate is issued by a trusted authority for a specific domain or subdomain. It verifies that a secure page is properly encrypted, ensuring that all information passed between a user and the site is private. Having an encrypted store helps boost your conversion rate by increasing shopper confidence. BigCommerce gives you three options for getting an SSL certificate for your custom domain. You can use our free dedicated SSL certificate, purchase an SSL certificate through BigCommerce, or for select plans install a third-party SSL certificate.
  • What is an SSL Certificate? (0:07)
  • HTTPS & SSL (0:26)
  • BigCommerce Shared SSL default (0:37)
  • How to purchase an SSL Certificate through BigCommerce (1:08)
  • Comparison between SSL Certificate options (1:16)
  • Site Seal Example (1:36)
  • Dynamic Site Seal Example (1:51)
  • Address Bar Badge with company name Example (2:12)
  • Installing a Third-Party SSL Certificate (2:21)

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