Getting Started with BigCommerce

Video Summary

Take a quick tour of your BigCommerce control panel, and learn all the important areas of your dashboard.  This video will point out where you can get help, whenever you need it.

  • Log in to the BigCommerce Control Panel (0:09)
  • Steps to Launch (0:30)
  • Viewing your storefront (1:03)
  • Down for Maintenance (1:20)
  • Getting help (1:36)
  • BigCommerce Partners (2:15)
  • BigCommerce Community (2:25)
  • BigCommerce Blog (2:35)

Additional Resources

Check out all of the educational and support resources that BigCommerce offers to help you sell more:
  1. BigCommerce Store Launch Guide
  2. Community - Ask questions and get free advice from our experts. 
  3. Support Portal - Find how-to instructions, troubleshooting help and best practice guides.
  4. Blog - Stay on top of industry news and learn from thought-leaders.
  5. App Store - Add functionality to your store with powerful integrations and apps.
  6. BigCommerce Partners - Get help planning and executing SEO, PPC, and other strategies to drive traffic.
  7. Getting Started with the New Control Panel - Learn the different areas of your control panel.
  8. What is my support PIN and where do I find it
  9. Maintenance Mode
  10. Starting a BigCommerce Trial

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