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Troubleshooting | Customer Order Notifications

Customer order notifications (e.g. invoices and order status updates) are sent automatically to your customers from the email address in your store profile. It is essential that this email be the same as your store's domain (e.g. or there could be issues when your customers' email providers check the validity of the emails being sent. Use the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue and the best practices to prevent it from happening again.



The primary cause of bouncebacks and failed deliveries is the use of free third-party email services, such as Yahoo or AOL, as your store profile email address. If you are using one as your store email address, your customers will not be able to receive store notifications, and you will receive bounceback emails due to their DMARC policies.

To check this address, go to Store SetupStore Profile. This email address acts as the "from" email, the email address that order notifications are marked as coming from. In reality, the order notifications are coming from the BigCommerce servers.

Store Profile email field


Best Practices

Don't Use Free Third-Party Email

Best practice is for the profile email to have your domain name, not a third party domain such as Yahoo or AOL. After that, it is a matter of making sure all of your DNS records are set up correctly, especially your SPF Record. An SPF Record is a type of DNS record that identifies which mail servers are allowed to send email on behalf of your domain.

If you are pointing your domain to BigCommerce but would like your email hosted with a third-party (e.g. GoDaddy, GSuite, Zoho), you will need to update your store's MX records.

Make Sure Your SPF Record Is Set up and Current

Make sure to add the host's SPF to the TXT record in BigCommerce. This will be BigCommerce's way of showing that it has been authorized to send mail under the name of your email host. Double-check with your email host to see what their SPF record is, but it will look similar to:

Example SPF Record

Example SPF Record

Specify Your Provider's SMTP Details

If you are pointing your domain via a CNAME or A Record, you will need to contact your email host to find out if you can use their SMTP details. Using their SMTP server provides you more control over your emails and is useful if you have email spoofing protections in place on your business email.

Custom SMTP settings

If you are not able to use their SMTP server, you will need to add BigCommerce's SPF record ( wherever your nameservers are located. For example, if you are using GoDaddy as your email provider, you will need to log into their control panel, find their DNS records and update the SPF record to contain


Receiving a blacklist bounceback? If you receive a bounceback due to a blacklist or MTA reputation error, then one of our mail servers may have been flagged for sending spam. Save a copy of the bounceback email and contact our support team. We will investigate further and reach out to the services that listed the server to have it removed from their lists.

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