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Finding Your Support PIN

Your BigCommerce Support PIN is a unique number only accessible to the owner of the account. This number is used by the BigCommerce technical support and account service teams to verify your ownership or permission to access your store's back end and billing details.

We require some form of verification to ensure that only authorized parties receive your store's private information. While the Support PIN is the easiest way to provide this verification, our phone support team can also assist with other methods of verification if you cannot access the PIN.


Can't log in? Our phone support team can assist you with verifying access and recovering your login information. Please call us using the Phone option in the Contact dropdown menu. When prompted for the Support PIN, enter # and let the support rep know that you need to verify with a different method.


Accessing the Support PIN in the Control Panel

Log in to your store as the Store Owner. No other user role will be able to see the support PIN.

Your support PIN is located at the bottom left of the control panel navigation.

Support PIN location in the bottom left of the control panel


Accessing the Support PIN in the Account Dashboard

You can access your support PIN by logging into your billing area, and can be found here even if your store is suspended or cancelled. Your support PIN will be located in the top right corner.

Support PIN location in the BigCommerce Account Dashboard


Locating the Support PIN in Your Welcome Email

When you first created your store, you received an email with the subject line:

  • Login details for your new BigCommerce store

This message contains the login URL for your control panel, your username, and support PIN.

New store creation email featuring your URL, username, and support PIN


Verifying by Phone

If you're unable to find or access your support PIN, contact our phone support team (24/7) using the Contact button in the top right corner. Our support representatives can verify you using an alternate method.

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