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Using the Image Manager

The Image Manager provides a space for you to upload images and photos from your computer to your BigCommerce store. Uploaded images can be used as product photos, placed into product descriptions, categories descriptions, web page content, blog posts, or any area that uses the WYSIWYG editor. The URL of an uploaded image can be used to share the image outside of your BigCommerce store, for example, in an email newsletter.


Can Image Manager images be used everywhere? When creating the rule, Show a different Image, on a product or having an image on a subcategory, the file can only be uploaded directly.

Image Requirements

Images must meet the following requirements. Attempting to upload an image that does not meet these requirements can cause unexpected behavior.

  • Image file names must be alphanumeric, and cannot contain any spaces or special characters.
  • Supported file types are JPEG/JPG, GIF and PNG.

TIF and PDF files are not supported. You can upload PDFs and other files not supported by the Image Manager by uploading them via WebDAV and linking to them from your store.


Did you know? You can NOT upload images with the same name.

Uploading Images

1. Go to Storefront Content Image Manager, then click Upload Images.

Upload Images button in the Image Manager

2. In the popup that appears, click Choose File (or Browse) and select an image from your computer.
Upload Prompt Pop up

3. Repeat Step 2 for each additional image you want to upload. When you are finished, click Upload.

If you have a large number of images, you can upload them all to the Image Manager quickly using WebDAV. In WebDAV, put the images in the product_images/uploaded_images folder.

Viewing Images

In the upper right of the Image Manager page, there are two drop down menus that allow you to choose how many images are displayed at once, and how they are sorted. You can sort by name, file size, or date modified.

Viewing Images

Editing Images

The Image Manager uses Pixlr — a free image editing app — to edit images. To learn more about Pixlr visit Pixlr Support.

1. Click Edit beneath the image you want to edit.

Edit image link

2. Click Continue to Pixlr.

Check on the box marked Do not show this message again so you can skip Step 2 next time.

3. Edit your image using Pixlr's editing tools. (Pixlr Support)

4. When you are done, click Save to update the image and be returned to the Image Manager.


Be careful! Clicking Save on Pixlr will save over the original. Download the image to keep a backup of the original version.

Deleting Images

1. Click Delete this Image beneath the image you want to delete.

2. To delete multiple images at once, checkbox the images you want to delete, then click Delete Selected at the top of the page.

Check products then click the Delete Selected button to remove several images at once

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