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Using Rich Pins


Can shoppers purchase products on Pintrest? Pinterest users can now find, share, and buy your products using Buyable Pins. See Selling on Pinterest for more information.

What Are Rich Pins?

Rich pins are just like regular pins, but they include real-time information about your product, including:

  • Product price
  • Stock level
  • Your store's favicon


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Enabling and Disabling

Rich pins will be automatically enabled on your store. You can check the setting under Store SetupStore Settings, under the Share tab. Click More options, and you will see Pinterest Rich Pins.

Pinterest Rich Pins toggle

To enable or disable Rich Pins, click the ON/OFF toggle switch to your desired setting.

If your store was created after September 25, 2014, you will need to validate and apply for Rich Pins. To validate, make sure that Rich Pins are enabled in your store as shown above. Then pull up one of your product pages, grab the URL, paste it into the Rich Pins Validator, then click Validate.


Pinterest may take up to a day to move your store over to Rich Pins.

Updating the Pin It button (Blueprint)

1. Go to Storefront Design › Design Options and click Edit HTML/CSS.

2. In the list of Files used by this template on the left, select htmlhead.html.

3. Add %%GLOBAL_PinterestJS%% anywhere on this file.

4. Save your changes.

Supported Themes

Rich Pins are supported by all Stencil themes.

Rich Pins are not supported by all our legacy Blueprint themes. The following Blueprint themes WILL work with Rich Pins:


Rich Pins may not work if your theme has been heavily customized or the %%GLOBAL_AdditionalMetaTags%% variable has been removed.

  • Alaska
  • Athletic
  • Beautification
  • Bedazzled
  • Blueprint
  • Boutique
  • BrideToBe
  • BrightAndBold
  • California
  • Clarity
  • Clarity2
  • Classic
  • ClassicHip
  • ClassicNext
  • CleanContrast
  • CleanHarmony
  • CloudStore
  • Coffee
  • Connecticut
  • Convert
  • CookiesAndCream
  • CoventGarden
  • Craze
  • DuskAndDawn
  • EWorld
  • FunNGames
  • GiftCenter
  • Goodvibes
  • GreaseMonkey
  • HauteChic
  • Hawaii
  • HealthBeauty
  • Hipster
  • HomeiQ
  • HorizonChill
  • HorizonWarm
  • Indiana
  • Jewelry
  • Lookz
  • Mercante
  • Minimalist
  • Munchen
  • Musik
  • Ohio
  • Outdoor
  • ParallelDark
  • ParallelLight
  • PG
  • PizzaRepublic
  • PrettyStore
  • RapidCenter
  • Reactive
  • Rise
  • Runway
  • Sammot
  • Samonika
  • SavileRow
  • SugarAntMint
  • Uno
  • Winestore

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