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Uploading a Favicon

A favicon is a small graphic that appears to the left of the page title at the top of your browser window when browsing a website. By default the favicon will appear as an image of a blank page. Having an image related to your brand is recommended. It helps the site look professional and it is a detail visitors of the site notice. This favicon is also referenced when you utilize Pinterest Rich Pins or Sell on Pinterest.

Favicons are typically located next to the website title, in the address bar, or beside a website in a list of bookmarks

To upload a custom favicon for your store, you'll first want to have the image itself created. It should be 16x16 pixels in dimension and must be saved in ICO, JPG, GIF or PNG format. 32x32 pixels is also recommended in the control panel. 

For assistance creating a favicon from a larger image, you can use an online favicon generator. Most favicon generators are free to use directly online. Once you have a favicon image saved to your computer, follow the steps below to apply it to your store. 


Uploading a Custom Favicon

The area to upload the favicon is located in the same place as uploading the logo.

1. Go to Storefront › Logo and scroll down to the Favicon area.

Favicon Area

2. Click on the Replace Image link and select the favicon image from your computer.

3. A preview of the favicon should appear in the window. Click Save to finish.

Now when viewing your storefront, the new icon should appear in your browser window on all pages of your store.

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