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Setting Up UPS® Real Time Shipping Quotes

UPS® delivers more than 15 million packages per day to more than 7.9 million customers in more than 220 countries and territories around the world. Our built-in UPS® integration allows you to quickly connect to an existing account and provide real time quotes to your shoppers. Additionally, if you've negotiated rates with UPS®, you'll have the option to pass the savings on to your shoppers.

UPS® requires their service quotes to be displayed separately from other shipping providers, so on the cart and checkout pages of your storefront, there is a link to Show UPS® Rates and See Other Options respectively.

UPS rates


Enabling UPS®

If you don’t have an account, visit to create one.

1. Go to Store SetupShipping.

2. Click Edit or Configure next to the shipping zone you want to serve UPS® real time quotes in.

Shipping zone

3. Scroll down to Real Time Shipping Quotes, and click Connect next to UPS®.

Connect button to the right of the UPS shipping method

4. Read and agree to the UPS® Technology Agreement by scrolling to the bottom of the box then clicking Yes, I agree.

UPS agreement

5. Enter your UPS® Account Number and click Continue.

UPS account number field

6. Confirm your contact details, then click Continue. All fields are required.

Contact Details modal


Errors? If you receive any errors, make sure your address and email do not contain any special characters (#, &, +). If you are using a 9 digit zip code, try shortening it to 5 digits.

You may be asked for additional information to verify your account. You’ll need one of the last three invoices you received from UPS® in order to supply the following:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice amount
  • Currency code
  • Invoice date
  • Control ID

Validate your account by providing the requested data, then click Continue.

7. Configure your Destination Type, Packing Method, Packaging Type, and which Delivery Services you want to offer. You can also specify a display name, which is shown to shoppers on the cart and checkout pages.

Additionally, you can choose to include the package value or show the estimated delivery date. Note that not all packaging types are supported by all delivery services.

UPS settings

8. Click Submit to save your changes.


Additional Settings

1. Click Edit next to UPS® in one of the shipping zones it’s set up in.

2. Click the Connection tab to see the currently connected UPS® Account Number, and specify if you want to Use negotiated shipping rates.

If not checked, standard retail list rates will be quoted to your shoppers. Note that not all UPS® accounts have negotiated rates, in which case checking the box has no effect.

Connection tab in the Configure UPS popup

3. The Quote tab lets you test your connection and get a quote. Enter your destination country, state, and zipcode, followed by your package weight, value and dimensions. Click Get quote, and you will see a shipping quote for all valid services.

Quote tab

You should also do some front-end testing so you can see what the quoting process looks like to your shoppers.

4. Click Submit to save your changes.



Service Specifics

UPS® documents delivery commitment times and service areas on their website, and highlights the benefits of each of their U.S. and international services. This can help you determine what services to enable for your shoppers. On the UPS® website, click on a service name to learn more about it.

Calculate Time and Cost

You can use UPS's Time and Cost Calculator to compare transit times and costs of different services. This can help determine what services make the most sense for you and your customers.

Several factors determine a shipment's cost, including but not limited to:

  • weight
  • length
  • girth (2 x width) + (2 x height)
  • dimensional weight
  • distance traveled (fuel surcharge)
  • package value (the combined retail value of all the items inside)
  • the origin type (residential or commercial address)
  • the destination type (residential or commercial address)
  • the packaging type (yours or UPS®-supplied)
  • service type (e.g. Ground, Express, Next Day Air)
  • negotiated pricing for your specific UPS® account
  • any additional handling fees or surcharges for shipments exceeding UPS®'s limits

UPS® Real Time Quotes Common Issues and Errors

Symptom: Returned quotes on the storefront are higher than what is displayed on UPS®'s Time and Cost Calculator.

Possible causes:

  • The package calculated by BigCommerce is heavier or larger than the dimensions you've entered into UPS®'s Time and Cost Calculator for comparison.
  • One or more of the packages dimensions is exceeding UPS®'s limits and has an additional surcharge or handling fee included in the returned quote. These charges are lined out in UPS®'s calculator, but are not explicit when returning a quote on BigCommerce's front-end. See "Other Charges" in UPS®'s Rate and Service Guide for Daily Rates (PDF).
  • Declared value wasn't inputted/considered when calculating the shipment on UPS®'s Time and Cost Calculator.
  • The Packing Method in your UPS® settings is set to "Each item in the order in its own package".

Symptom: Certain services completely fail to return a quote.

Possible causes:

  • The destination address may fall outside of that particular service's specific service area. For example, in the U.S., UPS® Ground will deliver to all 50 U.S. states including Alaska and Hawaii, but UPS® 3 Day Select is limited to the 48 contiguous states.
  • The origin zip code may be wrong or incomplete. Where possible, you should be using the full nine digit zip code for your origin address in the Shipping Manager.

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