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Troubleshooting | Product Image Colors Change After Uploading


When uploading an image, you may find that it doesn't quite look the same as the original. These color shifts are the result of mismatching Color Profiles, also know as ICC profiles. These profiles translate the image data into colors that your monitor or printer can read. Web browsers display images in sRGB. Image profiles are stripped when uploaded to ensure that they are consistent across different devices. Follow the steps below to learn how to keep your original image color when uploading them into your store.


Preventing Image Color Loss

If possible, save the images without a color profile in your image editing program. This process will vary depending on which editing program you are using. See the documentation on your image editing program for details about color profiles.

Alternatively, you can upload your product images to the Image Manager first, then use the Choose images from your gallery option when adding images to products.

Use images from your gallery link

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