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Transferring Your Domain

Transferring Your Domain to BigCommerce

It is not possible to transfer a domain registration directly to BigCommerce. However, if you have an existing domain that you would like to use for your BigCommerce store’s address, you can assign it to your store and point it to us by following the steps in Pointing Your Domain.

If you are looking to completely part ways with your current service provider, consider transferring your domain to a company that specializes in domain registration, such as NameCheap, GoDaddy, or eNom.

Transferring Your Domain from BigCommerce

These steps only apply to clients who have registered their domain through BigCommerce. If you have registered your domain through another company, such as GoDaddy, you will need to contact them for instructions.

In order to transfer your domain from BigCommerce to another registrar, you will need to unlock your domain and provide the new registrar with an EPP code. The EPP code authorizes you to transfer the domain.


60-Day Transfer Lock: ICANN policy prevents a domain name from being transferred for 60 days after a new domain name registration or a change/update to a domain's WHOIS information. There is currently no way for a merchant who has registered a domain through BigCommerce to opt-out of this 60-day lock and will have to let it expire before transferring their domain. Consider this before registering a new domain you plan on transferring away or changing/updating a domain's WHOIS information.

The process of unlocking your domain and getting your EPP code differs depending on which billing and accounting system your store is using. Determine which billing system your store is using and choose the corresponding set of instructions below.

Getting your EPP Code and Unlocking Your Domain

1. Log in to your Account Dashboard, then click Domains on the upper left side of the page.

2. Click Manage to the right of the domain you’d like to manage.

Manage Domain

3. Click Send EPP Code in the domain details area at the top of the page.

Send EPP Code

4. On the same page, scroll down to the Register Lock section, and uncheck Yes, enable the domain registrar lock on [your domain].

Registrar lock setting

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