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Store Overview Report sections

Store Overview

The top line of the dashboard shows all of your store’s key metrics. Each window shows the total value and percentage change for the statistic over the selected date range.

  • Orders — number of completed orders
  • Revenue — sum total of money from completed orders, converted into one currency, minus revenue lost to refunds and returns
  • Customers — number of unique individuals who made an order
  • Visits — total number of visits - this is *not* unique visitors
  • Conv Rate — percentage of visits that resulted in a completed order
  • AOV — average cart value of each completed order, not including returns and refunds

Revenue Graph

The Revenue graph charts total revenue over the selected period of time and compares it to revenue from the previous period. To view exact values, hover your mouse over a specific data point. Revenue is displayed in your store’s default currency.

Purchase Funnel

The purchase funnel measures the actions visitors make on your site before making a purchase.
  • Visited — the total number of visits to your site*; visits include each new visit after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Shopped — visits that viewed at least one product page (including quickviews)
  • Added to Cart — visits where at least one item was added to cart
  • Purchased — visits with a completed order

*Visits are tracked with Javascript. If your customers have Javascript turned off in their browsers, their visit will not register in this report.

Abandoned Carts

An abandoned cart happens when a visitor adds an item to cart but does not attempt to pay (i.e. click Proceed to Payment). (To learn more, see Using the Abandoned Cart Saver). This window shows you the Abandoned Revenue (the sum total of lost revenue), the number of abandoned carts, and the abandon rate (percentage of all carts that were abandoned).

Top Performance Metrics

The Top Products window shows the top 5 grossing products. If you have access to the Merchandising Report, each product also links to its respective merchandising product page. The number shown in green or red shows how many ranks the product has moved up or down during the comparison period.

Top Visits by Origin tracks which marketing channels are driving the most visits and revenue, and generating the highest conversion rates. Each channel will also link to the Marketing Report.


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