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Setting Up the First Data Payeezy Gateway

This article guides you through linking a First Data Payeezy Gateway account to your BigCommerce store. If you wish to sign up for a First Data Payeezy Gateway account, please contact the First Data Sales Team. The First Data team will onboard you and provide you with the necessary account details.

Once you have created an account with First Data, you can begin to link the First Data Payeezy Gateway in your BigCommerce store using these four credentials:

  • Gateway ID — an alphanumeric ID
  • Password — a random alphanumeric string
  • HMAC key ID — a 6-character numeric ID
  • HMAC key — a 32-character alphanumeric string

Connecting First Data to BigCommerce

1. Go to Store SetupPayments. Select First Data Payeezy Gateway from the list of Other Online Payment Methods.

First Data Payeezy set up button

2. You'll be taken to the First Data Payeezy Gateway Settings tab. Enter the credentials from your First Data account into their corresponding fields. If using a live account, select Live under Account Type.

First Data Payeezy settings tab

3. Save your changes.


Updating your First Data Account Settings

Updating certain settings in your First Data account, such as enabling or disabling the CVV2 security code requirement at checkout, will require you to regenerate your Gateway Password and HMAC key in order for the change to reflect on your storefront.

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