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Setting Up Shipping Zones

A shipping zone refers to the geographical area that you want to ship to. It can be based on a single country, a group of countries, states/provinces, or ZIP/post codes. You can have multiple shipping zones that offer different shipping services. For example, a store could offer USPS for the Contiguous United States in one zone, and have a separate zone offering UPS and FedEx for Alaska and Hawaii.

Geographical representation of shipping zones

Shipping zones can consist of the following:

Shipping zones in Shipping Manager

When a customer checks out, the shipping manager will use the zone that best matches their address starting with ZIPcode, then state, and finally country. If a customer tries to checkout using a shipping address that does not belong to any of your defined zones, they will not be able to complete the order. This means, that you can ship to areas that you feel comfortable with.

Creating a Zone

Shipping zones are created and managed from Shipping Manager. To access Shipping Manager, go to Store SetupShipping. Since zones can be based on a single country, a group of countries, states/provinces, or ZIP/post codes, we have created separate guides for each:

Enabling and Disabling a Zone

Zones can be enabled/disabled by clicking the toggle next to the zone. Disabling a zone will remove it from checkout while preserving the settings of the shipping methods set up within it.

Zone enable/disable toggle

Deleting a Zone

Zones can be permanently deleted by clicking the X next to the zone.

Zone delete button

Editing a Zone

1. Go to Store SetupShipping. Click Edit next to the zone you wish to edit.

Zone edit button

2. Click the Edit button in the top right corner. From here, you can define which countries, states, provinces, and postcodes are included in the zone, and specify a handling fee.

Edit zone screen

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