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Setting Up Shipping Methods

A shipping method determines the shipping charge that a customer pays at checkout. It can be a fixed charge, like a $5 flat rate on all orders, or a dynamically calculated charge through a real time shipping service based on the details of the shipment (e.g. weight, origin, destination).

Shipping Zones

A shipping zone must have at least one viable shipping method enabled to allow shoppers to check out. Multiple shipping methods can be enabled within the same shipping zone, allowing you to offer different shipping choices at checkout.

Checkout shipping options

Setting Up a Shipping Method

1. Go to Store SetupShipping.

2. Click Configure or Edit next to a shipping zone.

Configure and Edit buttons highlighted next to shipping zones in Shipping Manager

3. Enable one or more shipping methods.

Shipping Method Types

There are two categories of shipping methods: Static shipping quotes that you define, and Real time shipping quotes that are automatically calculated by a shipping carrier.

Static Shipping Quotes

Static shipping quote methods include:

Static shipping quotes in shipping zone details

Real Time Shipping Quotes

The Shipping Origin determines which real time shipping carriers are available in your shipping zones. For example, you won't be able to see and set up Canada Post unless your "origin" address is in Canada. For a list of real time shipping quote providers, and how to set them up in BigCommerce, see Setting Up a “Real Time Shipping Quote” Shipping Method.

Real time shipping quotes in the shipping zone details

If you need advanced shipping rules like multiple points of origin, LTL, or freight quotes, we recommend using our integration with ShipperHQ.

Product-Level Shipping

Apart from using shipping methods, products can directly be given free shipping or a fixed shipping price.


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