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Setting Up Third-party Email Services

Having your own domain as an email address is a crucial part of branding. Having a third-party host the email gives you a full array of features that are better than free email accounts. This includes things like advanced spam filtering, dedicated support, and the ability to create multiple accounts.

If you are using a third-party email solution not listed here, you will need to find any DNS records required by your new email host. See the Other Email Hosts section for more information.


A custom Domain is required to set up email hosting. You must have purchased your own domain name either through BigCommerce or a third-party domain and pointed it to BigCommerce prior to following these steps.

Common Email Hosts

Below are some of the most commonly used email hosting solutions that work with BigCommerce.

G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

G Suite is an email hosting service provided by Google. 
To use this service, you will need to have done the following: 

See using G Suite (formerly Google Apps) for Email for more detailed setup instructions.


If you purchased your domain through GoDaddy, their email hosting services have migrated to Office 365. See Using GoDaddy for Email for more details about how to set up Godaddy email with BigCommerce. 

Other Email Hosts

BigCommerce can be set up to work with other email hosting solutions as well. Because many providers do not use the same MX records for all users, we are unable to provide specific details on the setup. If you are using one of these third-party email services, you will need to contact their support and ask for the following:

  • MX Records
  • SPF information to include in TXT Record
  • Any other DNS Record (Note: BigCommerce does not support SRV records, which some email hosts require.)

Once you have these records, you can add them yourself under Server Settings › Email & DNS Records or ask our support team to assist you. We cannot make changes without having this information first.

Other email hosting solutions that work with BigCommerce include:

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