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Buyable Pins let Pinterest users find your products, learn more about them, and purchase them, all without ever leaving Pinterest's website or mobile app. This provides a sleek, intuitive, and fast checkout experience.

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When you enable a product to be a Buyable Pin, your store's Pins will include a blue "Add to Bag" button, making them purchasable directly on Pinterest's website and mobile app. They also include additional information about your product, including:

  • Price
  • Stock availability
  • Size and color variations
  • Product description
  • Your store’s favicon
  • A link to your store’s return policy

Setting Up Buyable Pins

Before connecting your store to Pinterest, certain merchant, store setting, and product requirements must be met. See Requirements for Pinterest Buyable Pins for detailed information.

When you set up and enable Pinterest in Channel Manager, we’ll automatically upgrade your product list (ProductsView in your control panel). The new product list is where you will list and manage all your channel listings. For a full list of its new features and design, see The New Product List.

1. Go to Channel Manager and click Get Started next to Pinterest.

2. On the next page, confirm your store and products meet all the requirements, then click Get Started.

3. If you’re not already logged in, enter your Pinterest account email and password, then click Authorize App. You’ll be returned to the BigCommerce control panel to complete setup.

4. Click Edit Settings next to Pinterest.

5. Configure your settings. The following fields are required:

  • Business Contact Email — address your Pinterest customer service requests are delivered to.
  • Business Contact Phone Number — phone number for customer service requests from Pinterest customers
  • Tagline — a short piece of text displayed next to your store’s Buyable Pins on your new “Shop Pins By” Pinterest Marketplace page.
    • Example: M&L Supply has the modern man covered from head to toe.
  • Return Policy URL — URL of your store's return policy
  • Payment Gateway — choose which payment gateway you want to use to transact orders from Pinterest

6. Check the box to indicate you’ve read and agree with the Pinterest Merchant Terms of Service and Business Terms of Service. When you’re done, click Save.

  • BigCommerce will automatically convert your account to a Pinterest Business account if needed. Converting to a business account will not affect your existing Pins, boards, or followers.
  • Your store's application will be submitted to Pinterest for review. Applications are reviewed within a few hours.
  • Once your application is approved, you'll see a note in Channel Manager and receive an email from Pinterest letting you know.

Managing Buyable Pins

If your store has existing Product Pins, you can make them Buyable Pins from the product list.

  • BigCommerce does not create Pins. We recommend creating Pins directly from the product page on your BigCommerce storefront.
  • Use the Product Listing Details page to select your color/size options and choose which variants to make available.
  • Add Buyable Pins to your public boards so they’re easily discoverable and saved by Pinterest users.

If you set up Pinterest before May 2017... your store does not yet support enabling Buyable Pins from the product list. For these stores:

  • all your store's product Pins are automatically enabled as buyable
  • all of a product's variants (with stock) are made available

Making a Pin a Buyable Pin

Go to ProductsView and click StorefrontCreate Listing next to the product you want to list on Pinterest. This will open the Product Listing Details page.

Create Listing highlighted next to a product on the View Products page

Channel Details

For Channel, select Pinterest.

Pinterest Product Overrides

By default, your Buyable Pin will use the same name and description your product has in your BigCommerce store.

You can override these attributes to be specific to Pinterest. These edits are only reflected on Pinterest and don’t affect your product’s storefront or other channel marketplace details.

Option Mapping

Since your product’s options might be named something besides just “color” or “size”, we need a little more information. Select the correct Pinterest product option for each BigCommerce product option.


We will attempt to automatically map the option values from your product. Here you can confirm the proper color and size values for each of your variants is represented.

By default, all of your product’s variants will be available in the new Buyable Pin. Use the checkbox under the List column to disable specific variants.

Individual product SKUs / variants listed at the bottom of the Product Listing Details page

Listing Errors and Rejected Pins

If your product doesn’t meet all the requirements necessary to create a Buyable Pin, a warning message will display at the top of the Product Listing Details page — you’ll need to resolve any outstanding issues before you’ll be able to publish.

Pinterest warning displayed at the top of the Product Listing Details page

Click More Details to see what specific information is missing or needs to be changed and click Edit Product when you’re ready to make changes.

Example Pinterest error

The View Products screen will display a message alerting you to any products with errors that may be preventing them from being listed successfully. Click View all to see a full list of affected products.

Warning displayed at the top of the View Products page

Individual products will also alert you to listing errors with a warning in the Listed On column.

Orders from Pinterest

  • Orders generated from Pinterest Buyable Pins appear as guest orders and are listed with a Pinterest logo in the View Orders area of your store.
  • You can use the Orders from Pinterest Custom View to see only your Pinterest orders.
  • Orders from Pinterest can also be selected as an Order Type in Search Orders.

Order from Pinterest in View Orders with the Pinterest icon highlighted


What shipping methods does Pinterest support?

Fixed shipping rates:

  • Flat rate
  • Ship by weight
  • Ship by order total
  • Free shipping

Real-time shipping quotes:

  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • CanadaPost
  • AustraliaPost
  • RoyalMail

How will I know when my application has been approved?
You'll see a note in Channel Manager once your application has been approved.

You'll also receive an email message from Pinterest when your Buyable Pins application has been approved. This message will be delivered to the email address configured with your Pinterest business account, and may not be the same address you entered as the Business Contact Email when connecting your store.

Why was my application not approved?
Some common reasons for applications disapproval include:

Your business, website and/or products

  • Your business either focuses on products or services that Pinterest's Advertising Rules don’t allow, or contains customizable products
  • Your business does not currently meet Pinterest's transaction quality standards
  • Your website is not available or requires a login
  • Your products lead to 404 errors

Your Pinterest profile

  • Your Pinterest profile picture is not reflective of your business
  • Your Pins contain promotional material including price, sale, or promo code information
  • Your Pins contain misspellings, excessive capitalization, or excessive symbol use
  • Your Pins contain unacceptable language or content Pinterest's Ad Rules define as shocking, sensational, or overtly sexual

See Pinterest's help documentation to contact Pinterest and appeal your disapproval.

How do I disable/disconnect Pinterest?
Go to Channel ManagerPinterest and click Disable in the top right corner.

  • Once disabled, all Buyable Pins will convert to Product Pins and remove the "Add to Bag" button.
  • Disabling Pinterest does not delete or remove any Pins (they can be managed via Pinterest).

Do I need to update/change my Authorize.Net CVV settings?
Transactions via Pinterest may be blocked or declined if you've manually configured your Authorize.Net settings to always require CVV data.

In order to be compatible with Pinterest, your Authorize.Net settings must allow for transactions without CVV data. By default, Authorize.Net accounts are configured to automatically validate CVV data if sent, but also allow for transactions where the CVV is not supplied. This setup is typical of most merchants utilizing an AIM/DPM cart/payments option integration. The screenshot below demonstrates this default configuration.


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How long will it take for my Pin to become a Buyable Pin?
It can take up to 24 hours before your Rich/Product Pin begins to appear as buyable on Pinterest's website and app. Pinterest must reindex these Pins, and this process cannot be expedited.

How do I create Pins?
You can use Pinterest's browser button, or use the Add from a website option on Pinterest's website. See . When pinning from your store, make sure you are creating Pins for specific product pages, rather than category or brand pages.

Animation showing using the Pinterest browser button to create a Pin from a BigCommerce product page

Will new products automatically be sent to Pinterest?
No. BigCommerce does not create Pins. If a Pin doesn't already exist for your product, you (or any Pinterest user) will need to create one, then enable it as buyable from the product list.

What happens when a Buyable Pin product runs out of stock?
If a product has inventory tracking enabled and runs out of stock, it will be marked as "Out of Stock" on Pinterest, and users will not be able to initiate checkout. If a product does not have inventory tracking enabled it will always be available for checkout by Pinterest users unless you disable it.

How do I disable a specific Buyable Pin?
Go to the Product Listing Details page and uncheck any variants you don't want available (this includes simple products). If all variants are unchecked, the Pin will convert to a regular (i.e. not buyable) product Pin.

An unexpected error has occurred.
If you've disconnected your Pinterest account from BigCommerce are attempting to reconnect, be sure to use the same Pinterest account that was used when initially enabling the integration. If you need to re-authenticate using another account, contact our support team.

Can I promote Buyable Pins?
Yes! See Pinterest for Business for more information.

How do I get the most out of Pinterest?
Pinterest has some free tools for getting the most out of your account.

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