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Sell on Pinterest

Pinterest is a free service that lets users share photos and videos of people, places, ideas, and things they’re interested in or inspired by. These "pins" can be saved to boards, which can be organized and categorized, making them easier to find and browse.

For merchants, Pinterest can be an effective way to generate interest in your products and brand, since it allows Pinterest users who are already interested in your offerings to easily and organically share them on their own boards and with their own followers.

BigCommerce adds to the richness of your Pinterest pins by making them Buyable Pins.

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When you enable Buyable Pins, Pins created from your store's product pages will include a blue "Add to Bag" button, making them purchasable directly on Pinterest's website and mobile app. They also include additional information about your product, including:

  • Price
  • Stock availability
  • Size and color variations
  • Product description
  • Your store’s favicon
  • A link to your store’s return policy
  • A link to your store’s Pinterest Marketplace page

There is no extra cost from BigCommerce to enable Buyable Pins and they’re available to all stores on all plans.


Before connecting your store to Pinterest, certain merchant, store settings, and product requirements must be met. See Requirements for Pinterest Buyable Pins for detailed information.

1. Go to Channel Manager and click Get Started next to Pinterest.

2. On the next page, confirm your store and products meet all the requirements, then click Get Started.

3. If you’re not already logged in, enter your Pinterest account email and password, then click Authorize App. You’ll be returned to the BigCommerce control panel to complete setup.

4. Click Edit Settings next to Pinterest.

5. Configure your settings. The following fields are required:

  • Business Contact Email — address your Pinterest customer service requests are delivered to.
  • Business Contact Phone Number — phone number for customer service requests from Pinterest customers
  • Tagline — a short piece of text displayed next to your store’s Buyable Pins on your new “Shop Pins By” Pinterest Marketplace page.
    • Example: M&L Supply has the modern man covered from head to toe.
  • Return Policy URL — URL of your store's return policy
  • Payment Gateway — choose which payment gateway you want to use to transact orders from Pinterest
  • Colors and Sizes — choose how Pinterest should display each of your product options. BigCommerce products with options that you have not mapped here will not be sent to Pinterest.

6. Check the box to indicate you’ve read and agree with the Pinterest Merchant Terms of Service and Business Terms of Service. When you’re done, click Save.

  • BigCommerce will automatically convert your account to a Pinterest Business account if needed. Converting to a business account will not affect your existing Pins, boards, or followers.
  • Your store's application will be submitted to Pinterest for review. Applications are reviewed within a few hours.

Managing Buyable Pins

Once your application is approved, you'll see a note in Channel Manager and will receive an email from Pinterest.

  • If you have existing Product Pins, they'll start showing up as Buyable Pins within 4-5 days as Pinterest reindexes them.
  • For products without existing Pins, we recommend pinning products directly from the product page on your BigCommerce storefront.
  • Add Buyable Pins to your public boards so they’re easily discoverable and saved by Pinterest users.

Animation showing how to create a Buyable Pin from the product page of a BigCommerce store

Orders from Pinterest

  • Orders generated from Pinterest Buyable Pins appear as guest orders and are listed with a Pinterest logo in the View Orders area of your store.
  • You can use the Orders from Pinterest Custom View to see only your Pinterest orders.
  • Orders from Pinterest can also be selected as an Order Type in Search Orders.

Order from Pinterest in View Orders with the Pinterest icon highlighted

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