Setting Up 'Sell on eBay'


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The “Sell on eBay” integration enables you to give your products a wider audience by listing them in the eBay marketplace. You can create, manage and track both auction and “Buy It Now” type listings right from your BigCommerce control panel. The following article walks you through the initial set up process of linking your eBay seller account to your BigCommerce store.

About the ‘Sell on eBay’ Integration

The BigCommerce integration with eBay allows you to list your BigCommerce products to your existing eBay seller account, and receive order notifications when those products sell in the eBay marketplace.

If you don’t have an existing eBay seller account, you will need to create one and manually create a listing from your eBay account before you can begin listing products from your BigCommerce control panel.


Need to sync stock levels? There is no built-in stock level sync between your eBay seller account and your BigCommerce store, so if your listing sells on eBay, you will need to manually update the correlating BigCommerce product’s inventory. If you require stock levels, prices, and other product information to automatically sync in real-time, consider using a multichannel listing app.

Connecting Your eBay Seller Account

1. Sign in to your eBay developer account. If you don’t have a developer account, you can create one for free.

2. Create an Application Title (the name of your website or store will work).

3. Under Production, click Create a keyset.

4. In your BigCommerce control panel, go to Marketing › Sell on eBayeBay Selling Settings tab.

5. Copy the DevID, AppID, and CertID from your eBay developer account and paste them into your BigCommerce eBay settings. Be sure not to include any extra spaces before or after the keys.

Fields for eBay DevID, AppID, and CertID

Getting Your User Token

1. In your eBay developer account, click User Tokens, then click Sign in to Production.

2. Enter your eBay seller account username/email and password (the same you use to sign in to, then click Sign in. Do not use your eBay developer account username and password.

3. Click I agree. You will be returned to the User Tokens section of your eBay developer account.

4. Under Token for: [eBay User], copy your token string and paste it into the eBay User Token field under eBay Selling Settings in your BigCommerce control panel.

eBay User Token

Additional 'Sell on eBay' Settings

1. In BigCommerce, use the following settings:

  • Default eBay Site — Select the regional eBay site you wish to list on. If you don’t see your country, add a currency for that country in your currency settings.
  • Listing Mode — Production Site

2. If you have an eBay store associated with your eBay seller account, click Check for eBay store. This is optional — an eBay store is not required to list products from BigCommerce to eBay.

Default eBay Site

3. Save your settings. You are now ready to create a listing template and start listing your BigCommerce products to eBay.

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