Suggesting Products with 'Related Products' Panels

Your store has several panels that show similar or related products to your customer. Each panel has a different location and algorithm used to determine its relatedness to a particular product.

Customers Also Viewed

  • Location: Product page
  • Panel (Blueprint): %%Panel.SimilarProductsByCustomerViews%%
  • Summary: Customers who viewed this product also viewed these products.

Customers Also Viewed panel

This panel shows products that were viewed by customers who also viewed the current product. It sometimes won't populate for newer stores, because it needs products to reach a certain view count in conjunction with one another before it has enough data. Once the store has seen some traffic — around 100 views per product — it can start populating the products.

This panel can be enabled or disabled in the Display Settings under Enable 'Customers Also Viewed'? Beneath it, the Products Related by Views setting allows you to set the number of products.

Enable Customers Also Viewed?


Using a Stencil theme? In some Stencil themes, such as Cornerstone, this setting can be located in the Theme Editor under the Product section.

  • Location: Product page
  • Panel (Blueprint): %%Panel.SideProductRelated%%
  • Summary: Products with similar names or descriptions; can also be set manually.

Related Products

This panel can show up to 5 related products that are chosen automatically, or as many products as you want if chosen manually. This setting is located when editing a product under the Other Details tab.

  • Automatically selected products — 5 items will be displayed, based on similar words in the title and description
  • Manually selected products — all products you select will be displayed; can select complementary products

Related Products enabled under the Other Details tab

If you choose to have it automatically selected related products, they will be chosen on the basis of products with shared words in the name, then products with shared words in the description.

Some merchants prefer to show complementary products rather than similar products. For example, if you are selling shoes, you might want to display shoe laces instead of more shoes. To do this, choose to set the related products manually.

You May Also Like

  • Location: Add-to-Cart pop-up (Fastcartthickboxcontent.html)
  • Global (Blueprint): %%GLOBAL_SuggestedProductListing%%
  • Summary: Products that are similar based on name and description.

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This panel shows suggested products based on the same algorithm used by Related Products; i.e. similar product names and descriptions.

Similar Products

  • Location: Product page
  • Panel (Blueprint): %%Panel.ProductByCategory%%
  • Summary:  Links to categories this product belongs to.

Similar products

The similar products panel displays the categories that your product belongs to. This panel shows you only the category name and a link to the category, not individual products or pictures of the product.

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