What discounts can I offer?

This guide covers the possible discounts you can use in your BigCommerce store. Click the link within each section to be brought to a guide specific to that discount type.

Coupon Codes

To learn more, see Using Coupon Codes.

Discount Types

  • Dollar amount off the order total
  • Dollar amount off each item in the order
  • Percentage off each item in the order
  • Dollar amount off the shipping total
  • Free shipping

Applies to:

  • Categories/subcategories
  • Products

Other Options

  • Limit number of uses (total or per customer)
  • Expiration date (after which coupon disables itself at midnight GMT)
  • Limit by Location (Advanced)
  • Limit by Shipping Method (Advanced)

Cart-Level Discounts

To learn more, see Creating Cart-Level Discounts.

Discount Types

Free Shipping discounts

  • Order at least X units of product Y, get free shipping to specific shipping zone
  • Order at least $X, get free shipping to one or more shipping zones (you will see additional options for a Free Shipping message)

Order discounts

  • Get $X discount on orders of $Y or more
  • Apply a $ or % discount to the subtotal of orders of $X or more
  • Order at least $X, get one unit of Product Y for $ or % off
  • Order at least $X, get Y% off one or all units of the least or most expensive items in the cart (e.g. Order at least $100, get 20% off the least expensive item in the cart)

Bulk/tiered discounts

  • Apply a tiered discount to the order subtotal, based on the order value
  • Apply a tiered discount to applicable products based on the quantity of items ordered within one or more categories

Category discounts

  • Get $X or % off all items in one or more categories (can exclude certain subcategories)
  • Buy X units, get Y units in the same category free (must be of equal or lesser value)

Customer discounts

  • $X discount for repeat customers (i.e. customers with registered accounts)
  • X% discount for repeat customers (i.e. customers with registered accounts)

Product discounts

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy one get something else free
  • Buy X units of Product A, get Y units of Product B for $ or % off per unit

Brand discounts

  • Get $X or % off each item in one or more brands (can exclude certain categories)

Other Options

  • Expiration date and time
  • Expire after certain number of uses

Bulk Pricing

To learn more, see How do I create bulk discount pricing for my products?.

Purchases between # and # of this product will receive a...

  • Price discount of $X off each item
  • Percentage discount of X% off each item
  • Fixed price of $X for each item item

Customer Group Discounts

To learn more, see Setting up Customer Groups.

Discount Types

  • Price discount
  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed price

Applies to

  • Category
  • Products
  • Storewide

Order of Operations

New Stores (created after July 2014)

  1. Discount Rules
  2. Customer Groups
  3. Option/Option Set price change rules
  4. Bulk Pricing discounts
  5. Product List option/bundle price changes
  6. Coupon Codes

Older stores

  1. Discount Rules
  2. Option/Option Set price change rules
  3. Bulk Pricing discounts
  4. Customer Groups
  5. Product List option/bundle price changes
  6. Coupon Codes

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