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What discounts can I offer?

There are many available options for offering discounts for shoppers. Listed below are quick overviews of the discounts you can offer natively on your BigCommerce store. See below to find the discount that will best serve your business.

Coupon Codes

Create codes that shoppers enter during checkout. To learn more, see Using Coupon Codes.

Discount Types

These are the options found in the Discount Type list:

  • Dollar amount off the order total
  • Dollar amount off each item in the order
  • Percentage off each item in the order
  • Dollar amount off the shipping total
  • Free shipping

Applies to:

  • Categories/subcategories
  • Products

Other Options

  • Limit number of uses (total or per customer)
  • Expiration date (after which coupon disables itself at midnight GMT)
  • Limit by Location (Advanced)
  • Limit by Shipping Method (Advanced)

Cart-Level Discounts

Discounts that automatically apply when the shopper's cart meets set parameters. To learn more, see Creating Cart-Level Discounts.

Discount Types

These are the discounts listed under the Discount Type drop-down:

Free Shipping discounts

  • Order at least X units of product Y, get free shipping to specific shipping zone
  • Order at least $X, get free shipping to one or more shipping zones (you will see additional options for a Free Shipping message)

Order discounts

  • Apply a $ or % discount to the subtotal of orders of $X or more
  • Order at least $X, get one unit of Product Y for $ or % off
  • Order at least $X, get Y% off one or all units of the least or most expensive items in the cart (e.g. Order at least $100, get 20% off the least expensive item in the cart)

Category discounts

  • Apply a tiered discount to applicable products based on the quantity of items ordered within one or more categories
  • Get $X or % off all items in one or more categories (can exclude certain subcategories)
  • Buy X units in (Category A), get Y additional units in the same category free (must be of equal or lesser value)

Customer discounts

  • $X discount for repeat customers (i.e. customers with registered accounts)
  • X% discount for repeat customers (i.e. customers with registered accounts)

Product discounts

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy one get something else free
  • Buy X units of Product A, get Y units of Product B for $ or % off per unit

Brand discounts

  • Get $X or % off each item in one or more brands (can exclude certain categories)

Other Options

  • Expiration date and time
  • Expire after certain number of uses

Bulk Pricing

Automatically applied pricing when a set number of products are purchased. To learn more, see How do I create bulk discount pricing for my products?.

Purchases between # and # of this product will receive a...

  • Price discount of $X off each item
  • Percentage discount of X% off each item
  • Fixed price of $X for each item item

Customer Group Discounts

Discounts automatically applied to a set group of shoppers. To learn more, see Setting up Customer Groups.

Discount Types

  • Price discount
  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed price

Applies to

  • Category
  • Products
  • Storewide

Order of Operations

If you have multiple discounts running at one time, the system runs them with a specific priority. See below to learn which discounts are honored first.

New Stores (created after July 2014)

  1. Cart-Level Discounts - Product Rules
  2. Cart-Level Discounts - Order Rules
  3. Customer Groups
  4. Option/Option Set price change rules
  5. Bulk Pricing discounts
  6. Product Pick List option/bundle price changes
  7. Coupon Codes

Older stores

  1. Cart-Level Discounts
  2. Option/Option Set price change rules
  3. Bulk Pricing discounts
  4. Customer Groups
  5. Product Pick List option/bundle price changes
  6. Coupon Codes

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