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Enabling Fraud Protection in PayPal powered by Braintree

Setting Up Fraud Controls

1. Log in to your Braintree control panel.

2. Go to SettingsProcessing › Fraud Tools.

3. Edit your processing options. Click any item in the list below to see more details.


Processing and Fraud Settings

Duplicate Transaction Checking

This setting rejects transactions if another successful transaction has been completed with the same payment method, order ID, and amount within the last X seconds. X can be set to up to 3600, or one hour. This setting is useful if your customer clicks the back button, refreshes the page, or anything else that might cause the transaction to be put through twice. Note: This setting only applies to credit card transactions, not to transactions done through Paypal.

Duplicate transaction setting

Recommended settings: Enabled; 30 seconds.

AVS Rules

AVS or Address Verification System rules determine when transactions and verifications should be rejected based on address criteria. For example, you can set whether a transaction should be rejected if the postal code doesn't match what the customer's card issuing bank has on file.

AVS settings

Recommended settings: At this time, Country Scope must be set to United States Only.

CVV Rules

CVV rules determine when to reject transactions based on whether the merchant has provided the correct CVV associated with the credit card.

CVV settings

Risk Threshold Rules

Risk Threshold rules can be set up to notify you or reject transactions that follow particular trends. Their purpose is to protect you from card attacks. See Risk Threshold Rules on Braintree's support site for more information.

Risk Threshold Settings

Card Verification - Retry All Failed $0

If enabled, a failed $0 authorization will always be retried as a $1 authorization regardless of the processor response. If disabled, a failed $0 authorization will only be retried as a $1 authorization for the following processor responses: 2015 (Transaction Not Allowed), 2019 (Invalid Transaction), 2023 (Processor Does Not Support This Feature), 2027 (Set Up Error - Amount), 2048 (Invalid Amount)

Retry All Failed $0 setting

Recommended setting: Enabled


Advanced Fraud Tools

Advanced Fraud Tools helps to identify and prevent fraudulent activity before a transaction or verification ever reaches a merchant’s bank.  See Advanced Fraud Tools on Braintree's support site for more information.

If you have Advanced Fraud Tools enabled, and a Kount Custom integration established with Braintree, you can additionally enable the Event Notification System (ENS) in Kount. When enabled, Kount sends a notification to BigCommerce that allows the status of your order in BigCommerce to be updated based on manual risk decisions that are made on the order in Kount.

To enable the Event Notification System (ENS) in Kount, the merchant:

This integration supports:

  • Credit card transactions through Braintree
  • Orders created through the storefront

To enable Event Notification System (ENS) in Kount, go to Store Setup › Payments in the BigCommerce Control Panel and click the Braintree tab to view its settings. Copy the Kount URL from your Braintree settings.

Merchant ENS URL

Log into your Kount Custom integration. Go to Fraud Control › Websites then edit the Row OPT-IN. Set the "Opt-in" labeled website to ‘ENS Enabled’ to YES. Then save the URL to the website labeled “Opt-in” within Kount. Click Update Website.

User-added image

This will enable Kount Event Notification System on your store.

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