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PayPal Credit

On BigCommerce, you can offer PayPal Credit to your shoppers if you are using PayPal Express Checkoutor PayPal powered by Braintree as a payment gateway. Offering the option to pay over time instead of all at once can encourage shoppers to purchase higher priced items. With PayPal Credit, you get paid in full right away and your customers can pay over time.

These instructions explain how to enable PayPal Credit on your store and how to display banners that show that you offer it.


PayPal Credit is only available to U.S. based stores. At this time, only U.S. based stores and shoppers can use PayPal Credit.

Enabling PayPal Credit

In order to enable PayPal Credit, the store needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Go to Store Setup › Payments.

2. Click the tab for PayPal Express Checkout or PayPal powered by Braintree, depending on which one you have connected.

3. Toggle 'Enable PayPal Credit'. The pay with PayPal Credit will now appear as an option in the cart, during checkout and in the "add to cart" confirmation window.

Enable PayPal Credit

Promotion Banners

Displaying that you provide a financing option with PayPal credit helps to market the higher priced products in your store. There are two options for displaying banners in various areas on your store.

Built-in Banners

When PayPal Credit is enabled, you can also enable PayPal Credit banners. Click the Authorize with PayPal button to automatically populate the home page with a PayPal Credit promotional banner. Currently, this will only work on Cornerstone themes.
Authorize with PayPal Button

For other themes or if the banner does not show, you can add code manually to the theme files using Banners. See PayPal's documentation, How do I add a PayPal Credit banner to the header of my BigCommerce cart?

Promotion App

PayPal Credit offers a marketing solutions app in the App Marketplace that displays the PayPal Credit promotional overlay banners in multiple locations and tracks insights to customers who purchase through PayPal.
Example banner

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