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Did you know? Google has replaced Google Trusted Stores with Google Customer Reviews. You may continue to use your Google Trusted Stores dashboard to manage purchase protection issues until June 2017.
We're actively working on updating our integration and documentation to reflect these changes. In the meantime, we've provided some information about Google Customer Reviews below. For a more in depth look, visit Google's Introducing Google Customer Reviews.

Google Customer Reviews (GCR) is a free program that lets you collect feedback from shoppers who’ve made a purchase on your store. The reviews collected by Google Customer Reviews help you become eligible for seller ratings. When you participate, you can display a badge with the Google brand and your seller rating. Your seller rating will also appear on Search Ads, and in Google Shopping. This program is a great way to highlight that you consistently offer a great shopping experience.

Google Customer Reviews badge

How It Works

After a customer makes a purchase, they will be presented with a survey letting them take part in Google Customer Reviews. If the customer opts in, they may receive an email after their order has arrived. The collected ratings are then displayed on your optional Google Customer Reviews badge, Search Ads, and in Google Shopping.

If you were using our Google Trusted Stores integration, your badge and opt-in settings will automatically be migrated to Google Customer Reviews. For everyone else, we're in the process of updating our control panel to reflect the new changes.

Google Customer Reviews Requirements

Your BigCommerce store will need to meet the following criteria in order to participate in Google Customer Reviews:


Q: Why should I participate in Google Customer Reviews?

  • Google seller ratings are among the first things shoppers see when they search your business or products. Having a high rating will boost your conversion rate and provide social proof to future shoppers.

Q: Can I participate in GCR if I do not sell physical goods?

  • Yes, Google Customer Reviews does not require participants to sell physical products. However, you must be able to provide an estimated delivery date for the digital goods or services sold.

Q: Can Google Customer Reviews work with a third-party review system I currently use?

  • GCR can work in conjunction with a third-party review system that already provides Google data. Keep in mind that the Google Customer Reviews program is the only way to get the Google badge and seller ratings on your store.

Q: Can I customize the text that appears on the opt-in or email?

  • No. None of the text that appears in the opt-in or in the email, including the option for customers to leave comments, can be edited or removed.

Q: Can I choose the date that customers receive the opt-in email?

  • No, Google manages the survey delivery date on your behalf. Customers will receive the survey on or around their expected delivery date.

Q: What happens if I don't have a seller rating?

  • Your GCR badge will state "Rating not available" in lieu of a rating. A minimum of 150 reviews is required to establish a seller rating.

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