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Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews is a free program that lets you collect feedback from shoppers who’ve made a purchase on your store. The reviews collected by Google Customer Reviews help you become eligible for seller ratings. When you participate, you can display a badge with the Google brand and your seller rating. Your seller rating will also appear on Search Ads and in Google Shopping. This program can highlight that you consistently offer a great shopping experience.

Google Customer Reviews badge


How It Works

After a customer makes a purchase, they will be presented with a pop-up with the option to take part in a Google Customer Reviews survey. This survey will gather feedback on their experience with your store.

Google Customer Reviews survey modal

If the customer chooses to participate, Google will email them a survey after their order has arrived. The collected ratings are then displayed on your optional Google Customer Reviews badge, Search Ads, and in Google Shopping.

Example Google Customer Review email



Your store must meet the following criteria to participate in Google Customer Reviews:


Enabling Google Customer Reviews

Before you can set up Google Customer Reviews within your BigCommerce control panel, you’ll first need to ensure your Google Merchant Center account has been verified and claimed.

Once your account has been verified and claimed, follow the steps below to enable Google Customer Reviews within your Google Merchant Center.

1. In your Google Merchant Center account, click the Menu Icon ⋮ located in the upper right-hand corner and select Merchant Center programs.

Menu with Merchant Center programs highlighted

2. Locate Google Customer Reviews and click Enable.

Enable link for Google Customer Reviews

3. Read the Google Customer Reviews Program Agreement, check the agreement box, and click Save & Continue. Customer Reviews will now appear in your left side navigation menu.

Customer Reviews in nav menu


Setting Up Google Customer Reviews

If your store was using our Google Trusted Stores integration, your badge and opt-in settings have automatically migrated to Google Customer Reviews. However, if you need to make changes, you'll need to enter your Google Merchant ID. Follow the steps below if this is your first time setting up Google Customer Reviews.

1. In your BigCommerce control panel, go to MarketingGoogle Customer Reviews.

2. Click Activate.

Google Customer Reviews Activate button

3. Enter the following information:

  • Google Merchant ID — This ID is located in your Google Merchant Center account at the top left of the dashboard.
  • Estimated shipping days — The expected number of days between when the customer places an order, and you ship it. (This is used by Google to determine whether you are meeting the performance standard of shipping orders on time.)
  • Estimated delivery days — The expected number of days between when you’ve shipped the order and when the customer receives it. (This is used by Google to determine whether you are meeting the performance standard of having orders delivered on time.)
  • Badge position in my store — Specify where on your storefront you want to display the Google Customer Reviews badge. You can choose between bottom right, bottom left, custom, or not to display it at all.

Using a custom badge location? You will be asked to specify the ID of the custom HTML DIV container you or your developer have added. Enter the ID without quotation marks.

Google Customer Reviews settings modal

4. Save your changes. If you need to edit any settings later, you can do so by clicking Edit. Additionally, you can disable this feature by clicking De-activate.



Why should I participate in Google Customer Reviews?

Google seller ratings are among the first things shoppers see when they search your business or products. Having a high rating will boost your conversion rate and provide social proof to future customers.

Can I participate in Google Customer Reviews if I do not sell physical goods?

Yes, Google Customer Reviews does not require participants to sell physical products. However, you must be able to provide an estimated delivery date for the digital goods or services sold.

Can Google Customer Reviews work with a third-party review system I currently use?

Google Customer Reviews can work in conjunction with a third-party review system that already provides Google data. Keep in mind that the Google Customer Reviews program is the only way to get the Google badge and seller ratings on your store.

Can I customize the text that appears on the pop-up or email?

No. None of the text that is displayed in the opt-in or in the email, including the option for customers to leave comments, can be edited or removed.

Can I choose the date that customers receive the survey email?

No, Google manages the survey delivery date on your behalf. Customers will receive the survey on or around their expected delivery date.

What happens if I don't have a seller rating?

Your Google Customer Review badge will state "Rating not available" instead of a score. A minimum of 150 reviews is required to establish a seller rating.

Will these reviews show on my product pages?

No. Seller ratings are only displayed in the storefront badge. We recommend using a third-party review system or the built-in product review system in conjunction with Google Customer Reviews.

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