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Managing Inventory

It's a good idea to make a backup of your product data before making any major updates to your inventory stock levels.

Set up Inventory Tracking

1. Go to ProductsView. Edit a product by clicking its name, or Add a new one.

2. On the Edit a Product screen, select the Inventory tab.

3. Proceed to either Tracking Inventory by Product or Tracking by Product Option.

Tracking Inventory by Product

1. Select Track Inventory for this product, then fill in stock levels.

  • Stock Level — how much you have on hand
  • Low Stock Level — when the stock level gets to here, you will be sent a notification that you are running low

2. Save your changes.

Tracking by Product Option

1. Select Track inventory by options.

2. Save your product. If you haven't created options yet, do so now.

3. Select the Options tab for the product, then select SKUs.

Options & SKUs tab in the Add/Edit a Product screen

4. Create or edit SKUs for your product options. While creating or editing the SKUs, enter a stock level.

5. Save your changes.

Product options must have a SKU to track inventory.

Updating Stock Levels


Using the New Product List? Updating stock levels with the New Product List is quick and easy. See our full article for more information.

Via CSV File

Export your products. Update the inventory under the Stock Level column, then reimport.

If you'd prefer to update based on your products' SKUs, select Export SKUs instead.

From the View Products Page (options only)

1. Go to ProductsView.

2. Click on the plus (+) sign on the left side of the product.

3. Enter your stock levels and Save when finished.

Other Inventory Settings

See Inventory Settings for additional inventory-related settings.

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