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Integrating iContact Email Marketing with BigCommerce

In order to integrate iContact with your BigCommerce store you must first have an iContact account created. To get started, go to the iContact sign up page and create a free account.

Generating Your iContact App ID

1. Log in to your iContact account.

2. Go to the iContact Generate Application ID page, then enter the following:

  • Application Name: BigCommerce
  • Description: [website address] - Newsletter Subscribers

3. Click Get App ID.

The Get App ID button.

4. Select API 2.0 from the Show information for list, then click the enable this App ID for your account link.

The Your App ID screen.

5. Enter a password (different than your iContact login password) in the Create a Password field, then click Save.

Leave this page open, as you will need your Application ID to complete the next steps.

Enabling iContact

1. In your BigCommerce store, go to Marketing › Email Marketing.

2. Select iContact from the list of Email Integration Providers, then click Save.

iContact check box

3. Click the iContact tab at the top of the page.

4. Configure the iContact Integration Settings as follows:

  • iContact Environment: Live Production Environment
  • iContact Username: The email address you use to login to iContact
  • iContact App ID: Copy and paste this from the screen you were led to when following the steps in Generating Your iContact App ID above
  • iContact API Password: The password you created on step 5 of Generating Your iContact APP ID above

5. Click Verify API credentials. If successful, you will see the following message displayed at the top of your screen: Your iContact API credentials are valid. You can now setup your integration with iContact using the options below.

iContact Settings

Subscription Rules and Settings

In order to configure the iContact integration subscription rules and settings, you must first create lists in iContact for your customers to be added to. For more information on creating lists, see iContact's documentation.

Once you have set up mailing lists in iContact, you can use subscription rules to determine which lists your customers are added to.

Newsletter Subscription Rules

When someone subscribes on your storefront, you can choose to Add or Remove them from any of your iContact lists.

The Newsletter Subscription rules.

Click the green plus (+) to add a new rule, the red minus (-) to delete a rule, and the paper icon to copy a rule.

New Customer Subscription Rules

When someone orders any of the following, you can either add or remove them from any of your iContact lists:

  • anything in your store
  • from this category (choose a category)
  • from this brand (choose a brand)
  • this specific product (choose the product)

The New Customer rules.

Click the green plus (+) to add a new rule, the red minus (-) to delete a rule, and the paper icon to copy a rule.

Syncing order fields will allow iContact to match certain information provided by the customer to particular contact fields in iContact.

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