Installing a Bigcommerce SSL

What's an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a certificate issued by a trusted third party that verifies that a secure webpage (such as a checkout page) is properly encrypted. All Bigcommerce stores use the Bigcommerce shared SSL by default, which means your customers' transactions are encrypted and secure. When viewing a secure page, such as the checkout page, the URL changes to an HTTPS URL ending with

Plus plans and higher can purchase a dedicated SSL from Bigcommerce. It is equally secure as the shared SSL, but has the added benefit of preventing the URL from changing from to when going to a secure page. Enterprise plans can purchase an SSL from a third party, if preferred.

How do I purchase/install an SSL certificate from Bigcommerce?

1. In your Bigcommerce control panel, go to SettingsServer SettingsSSL Certificate.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsSSL Certificates.

If you do not see SSL Certificate listed in the Server Settings menu despite being on a Gold or higher plan, you may not be logged in as the store owner. Confirm this by clicking the Users link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. See What is my support PIN and where do I find it? for more information.

2. If you do not already have a dedicated SSL, click View SSL Certificate Options. If you are renewing an expired SSL, click Purchase or renew an SSL certificate.

3. Select Purchase a dedicated SSL certificate from Bigcommerce. Complete the purchase of your SSL certificate.

Purchase SSL

4. On Step 4: Certificate Details, you will be asked to choose an approver email from a drop-down list of email addresses that have been preselected by your domain registrar. Be sure to select an email account that is already set up. If none of the provided emails have been set up, you may wish to either create and set it up or have it forward to an existing email account.

The SSL approver email drop down.

4. Within a few minutes, you will receive an Approval email. Click the link it contains to approve your purchase of the SSL. You will receive a second email containing the actual certificate. Copy this certificate, including the lines that contain BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE.

The SSL certificate code.

5. In the Bigcommerce control panel, go back to SettingsServer SettingsSSL Certificate*. Paste your SSL Certificate into the empty area, then Save.

*In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsSSL Certificates.

6. Your SSL will take approximately 15 minutes to take effect. After this, you can use the tools listed below to check it.

How do I know my SSL is working?

You can check your SSL using the following tools:

For more guidance on troubleshooting SSL-related errors, see our SSL troubleshooting guide.

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