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Incident | Uninstalled Apps (3/5/18)

On 3/5/18, an incident occurred in which certain apps were uninstalled from a subset of stores. If your store was affected, you will have received communication from our team with the details.

This issue can be fixed by reinstalling the apps.  No other action is needed.

Re-Installing an App

1. To re-install an app, go to AppsMarketplace.

2. Click on the app you want to re-install. You may want to browse or search for the app you have in mind.

3. Click Install on the pop-up page that appears.

Installing an app

4. Click Confirm on the next page.

App install confirm button

5. Depending on the app, you may need to fill out a form or connect an existing account.

6. After the installation is complete, you can view the app under My Apps in the control panel.

Signifyd users

If you are a user of the app Signifyd, please email with the subject line "Missing BigCommerce Orders". Signifyd support will prioritize these tickets as they come in.


Will I need to update my app account or contact the app developer?

No. Your existing account information will not need to be updated. Re-installing the app will get you connected to your existing account.

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