Setting Up Royal Mail

Enabling Royal Mail

Providing real time shipping quotes with Royal Mail is available only to clients who ship from the United Kingdom. You’ll first need to set up your shipping “from” address and create a shipping zone.

1. Go to Store SetupShipping.

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsSet up your storeShipping.

2. Next to the zone you want to offer Royal Mail services in, click Edit or Configure.

Edit button highlighted next to a United Kingdom shipping zone in Shipping Manager

3. Scroll down to Real time shipping quotes and click the switch to enable Royal Mail.

Royal Mail enabled in shipping zone details

4. Check the box next to each service you want to offer. Optionally, you can set a custom Display Name to show the customer besides Royal Mail.

5. Save your changes.


Royal Mail Support

Royal Mail’s support site is a good place to start if you have a question specific to your account, or a general inquiry about the services and solutions they offer.

They also have a dedicated service updates page, which reports on localized delivery, quoting, and collection issues.

Royal Mail Size and Weight Formats

Domestic - Shipping Inside the UK
FormatExamplesMax weightMax lengthMax widthMax depth
LetterGreeting cards, personal letters, postcards, bills100g24cm16.5cm5mm
Large LetterA4 documents, certificates, magazines,
CD or DVD in case, some large greeting cards with badges
Small ParcelLadies boots, portable speakers, winter puffa coat, desk lamp2kg45cm35cm16cm
Medium ParcelGifts, shoes, heavy or bulky items20kg61cm46cm46cm

For tube-shaped items, the length of the item plus twice the diameter must not exceed 104cm, with the greatest dimension being no more than 90cm.

For example, using (length + diameter x 2), a tube 45cm long with a diameter of 7.6cm would be 60.2cm, which is under the limit.

Large Parcels
Parcels greater in size than 61cm x 46cm x 46cm or heavier than 20kg must be sent using Parcelforce Worldwide services, which include tracking and are guaranteed. Parcelforce items can measure up to:

  • 1.5m in length
  • 3m in length and depth combined
  • Weight limit: 30kg
International - Shipping Outside of the UK
FormatMax weightMax lengthMax widthMax depth
Large Letter750g35.3cm25cm2.5cm
Parcel2kg*Not exceeding:
Height + Width + Depth no greater than 90cm
with no single side longer than 60cm
Tube / roll2kg*Not exceeding:
Length: 90cm
Length + 2 x diameter should not be more than 104cm

*Printed papers allowable up to 5kg.

Books and Pamphlets
You can send books and pamphlets (meaning any papers ‘bound’ together), up to 5kg. Items between 2kg and 5kg in weight which contain books or pamphlets must be marked as ‘Printed Papers’ in the top left corner on the front of the parcel.


  • Ireland – only books may be sent above 2kg (no pamphlets over 2kg).
  • Canada – no items can be above 2kg.
  • Cambodia – no items can be above 2kg.

If your international parcel exceeds the limits above, it must be shipped via Parcelforce Worldwide. Each country has its own size and weight restrictions, which are available in the Worldwide Directory on their website.


Royal Mail offers a tool called Price Finder that allows you to estimate what a particular shipment might cost, and optionally buy postage for that service right on their or’s site. In addition, you can reference prices from the printable price guide provided by Royal Mail and Parcelforce.

Need help finding a nearby Post Office? The Branch Finder can help by using the services you need and your postcode or town to locate the nearest one.

Shipping Guidelines

Certain items require some special preparation and packaging attention, so Royal Mail provides a guide for wrapping and packaging specific kinds of products on their website.

Some goods are completely prohibited from being sent in the UK post, while others are allowed, but with restrictions, and international parcels have their own prohibitions and restrictions.

Shipments outside of the European Union require customs declaration forms.


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