The Blueprint Theme Marketplace

The Blueprint marketplace offers both free and premium themes based on the legacy theme platform, Blueprint. You can browse, view demos, preview themes and apply them to your store.  To learn more about the features of Blueprint based themes, see The Stencil Theme Platform


Opted into Stencil? Visit The BigCommerce Theme Marketplace for more information on Stencil themes.

Accessing the Theme Marketplace

To view free and premium Blueprint themes that you can apply to your store, go to Storefront DesignTheme Marketplace.

Below the Current Theme section you will see a list of Available Themes.

Available Themes

Theme Filters

The list of Available themes can be filtered to help you narrow down your search based on the following:

  • Responsive — These themes are mobile ready or compatible. If you choose to enable a responsive theme for your store, we recommend that your turn the mobile theme off.
  • Style Editor — These themes allow you to make certain design customizations using the BigCommerce Style Editor feature.
  • Product Filtering (Enterprise Only) — These themes are optimized to use the Product Filtering feature available on Enterprise and some Pro plans.
  • All — Shows both Free and Paid themes in the list.
  • Free — Shows only free themes in the list.
  • Paid — Shows only paid themes in the list.

You can apply or remove one or any combination of these filters by simply clicking them.

Theme Filters

To filter themes by industry, check out the BigCommerce Theme Store at

Previewing and Applying Themes

If you hover your cursor over a theme, you are presented with four options — information (the “i” icon), Apply or Buy, Demo, and Preview. Clicking information (the “i” icon) or Demo will display a popup with additional theme details and options.


Be careful! Changing your store's theme will cause you to lose any CSS or HTML customizations you've made to your current theme. We recommend backing up your theme customizations before applying another theme.

Apply, View, and Preview theme buttons

  • Info — Displays additional information about a theme, such as a list of its features, who the theme was designed by, and theme support contact and documentation links.
  • Details — Provides an extensive description of the theme's features and benefits, and includes the theme's license information.
  • Apply to your storeor Buy — Click Apply (free themes) to change your store's theme to the one you are viewing the details of, or Buy (paid themes) to purchase the theme, and have it automatically applied to your store.
  • Demo sample store — Click to be taken to a live demo of the theme which includes sample products, and pages.
  • Preview with your store — Click to load a live demo of the theme which uses your logo, products, and web pages, allowing you to see how well the theme works for your business.

Updating Your Current Theme

To check for available updates for your current theme, go to Storefront DesignMy Themes. If one is available, you will see an Update to New Version button to the right of your current theme's thumbnail image. Click the Mobile tab to check for updates to the BigCommerce mobile theme.

Update to New Version button


Before you update! Back up your theme to preserve any custom code. We can not assist in restoring lost customizations.

Click Update to New Version, then Update in the pop-up that displays to apply the updates to your theme.

Updating Customized Themes

Theme updates will only be applied to non-customized theme files. If you have made changes to any of your theme files, they will stay in their current, customized state, while all non-customized files will be updated to the most recent version.

If you choose to update your theme, and notice that any of your theme customizations no longer function, you can revert to your previous working version by clicking the Revert last update button.

Desktop and Responsive Themes

Revert last update button

The BigCommerce Mobile Theme

Revert last update under the Mobile tab

Theme Specifications

BigCommerce Blueprint Themes

Theme NameResponsiveStyle EditorProduct Filter CompatiblePrice (USD)
Classic NextYesYesYesFree
Bride to BeNoYesYesFree
Classic HipNoYesYesFree
Fun 'n GamesNoYesYesFree
Grease MonkeyNoYesYesFree
Health and BeautyNoYesYesFree
Home iQNoYesYesFree
Wine StoreNoYesYesFree
Bright & BoldYesYesYes$140
Cookies & CreamYesYesYes$140
Dusk & DawnYesYesYes$140
Sugar & MintYesYesYes$140

Partner Blueprint Themes

Theme NameResponsiveStyle EditorSupports Product FilteringPrice
22 Savile RowYesNoYes$165
Black BeautyYesYesYes$140
Cloud StoreYesNoYes$175
Covent GardenYesNoYes$175
Fresh CottonsYesNoNo$140
Gift CentreYesNoYes$185
Good VibesYesNoYes$129
Haute ChicYesNoNo$250
Parts WarehouseYesNoNo$159
Rapid CenterYesNoYes$185

Don't see your theme? It's most likely you are using our Stencil theme platform. Visit the BigCommerce Theme Marketplace to find information about your theme. If you still can't find it, then you are most likely on one of our deprecated themes.

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