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Forcing Customers to Reset Their Password

In some cases, for example when migrating customers from an old store to your BigCommerce store, it may be necessary to force a customer to reset their password the next time they attempt to log in. This can be done when either adding a new customer or editing an existing one.

This setting can currently only be enabled in your control panel, and not via CSV export/import, though this is planned for a future release.

1. Go to CustomersView Customers, then either add or edit a customer.

2. Select Yes from the dropdown menu labeled Force Password Reset On Next Login.

The Force Password Reset On Next Login setting.

3. Save your changes.

The next time your customer attempts to log in they will receive a message explaining that they must reset their password before logging in, and an email containing a link to the password reset page will be sent to their customer account email address.

Example reset password message on the customer account login screen.

The password reset page will prompt them to enter and confirm a new password for their account. Once they’ve completed this step, they will again be able to log in to their customer account.

The Change Your Password screen.

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