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Facebook Open Graph Settings

Facebook Open Graph (OG) settings are used to provide product meta data (like name, description, and image thumbnail) when a product is linked on Facebook in a comment or status update.

Example of a product link with Facebook OG data pasted into a Facebook status update.


Facebook Open Graph Settings for Products

When adding or editing a product, go to the Other Details tab, then scroll down to the Facebook Open Graph Settings section to access a product's Facebook OG settings.

  • Object Type — Select Product.
  • Title — Check this if you want Product Name to appear in the shared link.
  • Description — Check this if you want the product's Meta Description to appear in the shared link. Learn more about product SEO fields.
  • Image — Check this if you want the product thumbnail image to appear in the shared link (recommended).

Facebook Open Graph Settings fields in the Other Details tab



Can I see how my product link will appear on Facebook?

Yes. Paste your product page URL into Facebook's Sharing Debugger to see how it will appear on Facebook. If you've updated your product and the debugger is not showing your product image (or is showing an old one), try using the Scrape Again button.

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