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Exporting Product SKUs

Exporting product SKUs is a quick way to back up your SKUs or get them ready for an update. The export file contains only basic product information so that you can make updates without needing to worry about extraneous details.

If you are looking for information about importing SKUs, see Importing Product SKUs.

Exporting Product SKUs

When exporting, you will be asked to select an export template. This template determines which fields get exported. Although BigCommerce comes with the SKU Inventory Management built-in export template, you may find it preferable to use a custom export template.

A custom template will let you change formatting options, rename the headers, and include or exclude what fields get exported. For a full list of exportable information, see the table of Exportable Fields.

1. Go to ProductsExport Product SKUs.

2. Select your SKU export settings, then click Continue

Export Template and File Format Options section

  • Template — Select the SKU Inventory Management template, unless you have created a custom export template.
  • File Format — You can export your file as a CSV or XML. We recommend CSV as any other file type will not import.
  • Save export to the server for later download? — Selecting this option will save the file to your exports folder in WebDAV. Recommended if you are exporting more than 1000 SKUs.

3. In the pop-up that appears, click Export my product SKUs to a CSV file.

Export SKU pop-up

4. When the file is ready for download, click Download my SKUs file.

Download SKU export link

Exportable Fields

The following data is exportable and included in the default SKU Inventory Management template. Fields marked in bold are required for re-import. See Manually Added Fields for a list of fields that can be added through customizing the SKU Inventory Management template.

Product SKUStock-keeping unit number used for inventory trackingAlphanumeric
Product UPC/EANProduct's UPC or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)Alphanumeric
Stock LevelNumber of units in stock (only applies if tracking inventory)Numbers only
Product WidthYour product's/variant's width for calculating shippingNumbers only; no units
Product HeightYour product's/variant's height for calculating shippingNumbers only; no units
Product DepthYour product's/variant's depth for calculating shippingNumbers only; no units
Free ShippingIf applied, your product or variant will ship internationally for free (overrides any other shipping settings)Y = free shipping enabled; N = not enabled
Fixed Shipping CostThe price to internationally ship one unit of your product or variant (overrides any other shipping settings)Numbers only; no units

Manually Added Fields

The following fields are not included in the SKU Inventory Management template by default but can be added by customizing the template. They will also be matched automatically in the Link Import Fields screen.

Product WeightProduct or Variant weight (physical only)Numbers only; no units

Did you know? If you use a product export, you can set a Low Stock Level for each product. When a product reaches that stock level, it will send you an email alert letting you know it is time to order more.

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