Error: Only letters, numbers, dots, dashes, underscores and backslashes are allowed in URLs

What causes this error?

Error Message: Only letters, numbers, dots (.), dashes (-), underscores (_) and backslashes (/) are allowed in urls.

Cause: This issue can happen when product URLs contain special characters. This can happen if common characters such as a space or "&" are converted into URL format.

Resolution: Take the following steps to reset your product URL.

Fixing a Single Product

1. When viewing the product in Edit mode, go to the Other Details tab.

2. Locate the Product URL field under the Search Engine Optimization section.

Reset Product URL button

3. Click Reset. You should now be able to save the product.

Fixing Multiple Products

If you are seeing this issue with multiple products, there may have been an issue with your last import. Try the following steps to resolve it:

1. Export your products using the Bulk Edit template.


Be careful! Since you're changing a lot of data, make sure to keep a copy of your original product file as a backup.

2. Locate the Product URL column.

3. Look for any special characters (such as a % sign) that your products may have in common. (For example, %20 may be used in places of spaces, and %26 may be used in place of the & sign.)

Product URL column

3. Highlight the column, and type Ctrl F to bring up the Find feature. Click on the Replace tab.

4. Use the Find and Replace feature to replace all instances of your special character with an accepted character. In this example, we'll replace %20 (which is used as a space) with a dash (-). Click Replace all when ready.

Find and Replace example

5. Re-import your products into BigCommerce. Edit a product and try to save it to make sure your changes worked.

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