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Email in BigCommerce


BigCommerce no longer hosts email. Only stores created before March 16, 2015 have the option to host email with BigCommerce. If your store was created after this date, we recommend using a third-party email service.

DNS Records

Once your domain's nameservers are pointed to BigCommerce, BigCommerce will be your email host unless you change the MX records. All DNS records can be found under Server SettingsEmail & DNS Records. By default, the MX records in BigCommerce look like this:

Mail servers tab in DNS Records screen

If your MX records do not look like the above (for instance, they are pointing to a different mail server), your email is currently being hosted by a different service.

If your MX records do look like these but you want to change them, follow this guide.

Email Accounts

If you keep BigCommerce as your email host, you'll need to create an email account and set it up in an email or webmail client. BigCommerce does not offer webmail, but it is possible to set it up in a service such as Gmail. BigCommerce also allows you to create an email address that forwards your email to another existing email account. Keep in mind that forwarding email addresses will not do anything if your domain's nameservers are not pointed to BigCommerce.

  • forward email — an email account on one domain that automatically sends emails addressed to it to an account on a different domain
  • Email Accounts Overview

Store-sent Emails

Your store will send emails, such as invoices or order status updates, to your customers automatically. By default, these will be sent from the email address you used when you signed up for your BigCommerce account, but this can be edited under Store SetupProfile. It is important that this email be the same as your store's domain, or there could be problems when your customer's SMTP server checks the sending server's authority (more details here).

Email address in Store Profile

To learn more about the order notifications sent to your customers, see Customer Order Notifications.

If you are using a third-party email service, and would like your store to send from those SMTP servers instead of the BigCommerce SMTP servers, you can do so if that third-party provides you with SMTP login details. Go to Store Setup › Store Settings, then the Miscellaneous tab. Scroll down to Use SMTP Server, and select Let me specify my own SMTP server details. Be sure to test the settings before saving.

Custom SMTP settings in Miscellaneous tab

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