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Ecommerce Insights

Ecommerce Insights provides merchants the ability to drill down on information, such as what products should get top placement on your site, and which marketing channels bring you customers that spend the most over the lifetime of their relationship with your brand with minimal legwork on your part.

In a few clicks, users can view information on repeat purchase rates, cohort performance, and product performance without having to sift through data, create reports, deal with Excel, or any cloud-based reporting solutions.

Ecommerce Insights is available for merchants to add on separately in addition to the reports that come with their plan. To purchase Ecommerce Insights, go to AnalyticsInsights and follow the purchase prompt. To cancel Ecommerce Insights, please contact our Account Services team.


Product Insights

Example Hot Products report

Products to Improve (updated weekly) — Among your most visited products, these are your worst converters. Try making improvements to the product description and image, run a promotion to see if a lower cost raises conversion or bundle these products with high converting rockstar products.

Rockstar Products (updated weekly) — These are your most visited, best converting products. Use these products in your marketing efforts (e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Shopping, Email), feature them on your homepage or bundle them with less popular products.

Promising Products (updated weekly) — Among your less visited products, these converted the best during the relevant week. (Products with fewer than 20 visits are removed.) Evaluate why product has low traffic. Is it niche or just an undermarketed product? Drive more traffic to product using marketing campaigns and highlighting on your storefront.

Non-sellers (updated weekly) — These products are not selling at all. Try making improvements to the product description, image, and pricing. Reexamine the product to ensure it is relevant to your customer base.

Most Discounted Products (updated weekly) — See the performance of your discounted products. Test to see if top performing discounted products would sell without a discount or bundle them with related full price items.

Hot Products (updated weekly) — These products had the most revenue growth from the week prior. Review possible reasons for the change (e.g. unexpected traffic, result of marketing campaigns), gather product reviews and feature the product more prominently on the storefront.

Cold Products (updated weekly) — These products had the largest revenue drop from the week prior. Review possible reasons for change (e.g. competitor sales, inventory levels), and compare marketing efforts with hot products.

Products Purchased Together (updated weekly) — For each of your top-selling products, here is the related product with which it is most frequently sold. Bundle these products to increase average order value, and use them in your similar/related product panels in your marketing efforts.

Most Abandoned Products (updated weekly) — These products have the most associated abandoned carts (see Abandoned Cart Report). Review shipping, pricing and fees associated with these products to determine why customers are adding them to their cart but not checking out.

Customer LTV by Product - First/90th/180th Day (updated weekly) — Which product had the highest first order value, and how many customers. These products drive the highest lifetime loyalty and repeat purchase rates so they should be included in your marketing efforts.

Metric Breakdown

MetricCriteria:Sorted by:
Products to Improvetop 10% most viewed products with at least 1 visitConversion rate (ascending)
Rockstar Productstop 10% most visited products with at least 1 visitConversion rate (descending)
Promising Productsbottom 80% least visited products, filtered to those with above average conversion rateConversion rate (descending)
Non-sellersproducts with 0 ordersVisits (descending)
Most Discounted Products% of products sold at discountAvg discount for all qty (including qty sold at full price) (descending)
Hot Productsproducts that had the most revenue growth from the week priorRevenue change (descending)
Cold Productsproducts that had the most revenue drop from the week priorRevenue change (ascending)
Products Purchased Togetherproduct that is most often sold with the top-selling product in the relevant weekRevenue (descending)
Most Abandoned Productsproducts that were abandoned the most in the relevant weekAbandoned carts (descending)
Customer LTV by Product - First/90th/180th Dayproducts that had the highest first order value by the Nth dayRevenue (ascending)

Customer Insights

Customer Insights graphic

Best Customers (updated monthly) — These recent customers purchase often and spend the most. Develop loyalty programs and email campaigns for these customers. Create a lookalike audience for Facebook campaigns and gather reviews or testimonials.

Customers at Risk (updated monthly) — These are high-value customers who last ordered between 30-365 days ago. Re-engage these customers with win-back campaigns and review any trends from past orders to pinpoint product or experience issues.

Repeat Purchase Rate (updated monthly) — The percentage of customers who made a repeat purchase, and how long in between orders repeat purchases take place. Benchmark your current repeat purchase rates and develop campaigns to improve.

Best Products for Repeat Purchase (updated monthly) — Customers who purchased these products were most likely to purchase again. Customer who've purchased the products in this report are more likely to purchase again, so include them in your marketing and win-back campaigns.

Viewed But Did Not Purchase (updated weekly) — These customers viewed the same product more than once but didn't purchase. Revisit the product image, description, and pricing. Then create retargeting campaigns for these products. Consider offering a discount or shipping promotion to help them convert.

Customer LTV by 30/90/180/360th Day (LTV - Lifetime Value) (updated monthly) — This is the average the customer has spent by a certain point after registering. Benchmark LTV to see if your marketing efforts are positively impacting AOV and repeat purchases. Then, adjust acquisition spend based on timeline to breakeven.

Best Full Price Customers (updated monthly) — These are your best customers that buy even without discounts. Segment these customers from discount campaigns since they will buy full price. These customers are also prime candidates for your loyalty program and marketing efforts.

Low AOV Customers (updated monthly) — These are customers who are in the top 20% for orders but lowest 20% for spending. Create marketing campaigns to encourage a repeat purchase with a coupon code or offer free shipping with a minimum order total to increase average order value.

Metric Breakdown

MetricCriteria:Sorted by:
Best Customerscustomers who have purchased the most and the most often within the last 30 daysRevenue (descending)
Customers at Riskhigh value customers that have not purchased between 30-365 days agoRevenue (descending)
Repeat Purchase Rate% of customers who made a second order by the Nth dayDay (descending)
Best Products for Repeat Purchaseproducts that when purchased are associated with customers making another orderRepeat Purchase % (descending)
Viewed But Did Not Purchaseproducts that were visited but not purchased in the relevant weekPageviews (descending)
Customer LTV by 30/90/180/360th Dayaverage value of a customer, Nth days after their first orderCohort (descending)
Best Full Price Customerscustomers that purchase the most often at full priceRevenue (descending)
Low AOV Customerscustomers who purchase frequently but spend the leastOrders (descending)

Marketing Insights

Customer LTV By Channel - First/90th/180th Day (updated monthly) — Which marketing channel had the highest first order value, and how many customers. This averages the first order value average for new customers from the past month.

Metric Breakdown

MetricCriteria:Sorted by:
Customer LTV By Channel - First/90th/180th Daychannel that had the highest first order value by the Nth dayFirst Order Value (descending)


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Insights, so pricing is simple at a low monthly cost and on a flexible, month-to-month basis.


Have a question about analytics? Check out the Reports & Analytics section of BigCommerce's Community Answers.



Why are my analytics not tracking?

If you are using a legacy Blueprint theme, it's likely the %%GLOBAL_AdditionalScriptTags%% variable has been removed from HTMLHead.html. See The Additional Script Tags Variable to learn more.

Why are some of my Insights reports not updating?

This can happen for stores with low volume. The reports will not update if they don't have enough data.

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