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Customer Order Notifications

Customers receive an email when they successfully place an order and when an orders status changes. Customer order notifications provide an excellent opportunity to engage with your customer base and create a memorable experience. Additionally, you can use them as a marketing opportunity to upsell and drive revenue.

Customer order notifications should not be confused with notifications you receive as the merchant. See Order Notifications for more information.

Sample invoice email


Enabling Customer Order Notifications

The order confirmation email (i.e. the invoice email) is enabled by default and is sent automatically from your store using the email address you provided during store setup. If a customer replies to an order email message, this is the address it will attempt to deliver to. To update this email address, go to Store SetupStore Profile.

Your store's checkout settings determine which statuses trigger a customer order notification. To access your checkout settings, go to Advanced SettingsCheckout.

Customer email notifications


Did you know? You can receive a copy of the customer invoice by specifying a forwarding address in your store settings.


Customizing Customer Order Notifications

You can customize the email templates for both the order confirmation and status update notifications. Editing your customer order notifications is a great way to engage with your customers and provide value beyond the sale.

Some of the most engaging elements you can include in your receipts are:

  • A request for customer feedback.
  • A discount code to promote repeat purchases.
  • Suggestions for other products your customer may like.
  • Incentives and prompts for your loyalty or referral programs.
  • Social sharing links that either encourages customers to connect with you or share their experience with their friends.
  • Product education & FAQs to build value and brand awareness.

Did you know? You can use apps like Conversio, Klaviyo, or Omnisend to help automate your email marketing efforts. See our App Marketplace for more options.

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