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Creating Terms of Service

Terms of Service (ToS) are a set of rules that users agree to in order to utilize a service. It is generally used for legal purposes to define the proper use of your site or disclaim liability. It protects your interests while increasing your shopper's confidence. Terms of Service may include a Privacy Policy


What is a Terms of Service Agreement?

Terms of Service (also known as Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions) is an agreement between your business and users on your store or website.

Creating a ToS helps establish what you expect of site users and provides accountability. It can cover things such as:

  • Define words or phrases
  • Explain proper or expected usage
  • Define misuse
  • Accountability for actions, conduct, and behavior
  • Privacy Policy 
  • Details about subscription or membership fees
  • Opt-out policies
  • Dispute resolution process
  • Disclaimers/Limitation of Liability
  • User notification if the terms change 

Terms of Service Content

Requirements for what you need to include in your Terms of Service will be unique to your business. To make sure your Terms of Service follow the requirements of your country, make sure you review the content of the Terms with a legal professional. BigCommerce support cannot offer specific advice.

Terms of service Generators

There are a few resources available that generate a basic Terms of Service for an ecommerce store. You can use a generator service to give you content for a basic Terms of Service. 

Generators can offer blanket coverage and may offer more specific plans for a fee. The best method to make sure your ToS is adequate would be to talk to your legal advisor.


Adding Terms of Service

Once you have the content of your terms ready, add a Web Page. Use the WYSIWYG Editor and enter the content of your ToS. This gives you a general page that users can view at any time during their visit. 

Enabling ToS at Checkout

To get explicit consent from shoppers, go to Advanced Settings › Checkout and enable Terms and Conditions. If you have created a webpage for your Terms, enter a link into the text box. 



Do I need to have a Terms of Service?

It will depend on your local laws, but it is recommended to have some form of written terms for your business.. Having one in place can help protect you in any legal disputes. 

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