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Connecting with Adyen

Adyen is a global multi-channel payment solution for merchants looking to scale their business internationally. Adyen connects to multiple payment methods, enabling you to accept payments from anywhere in the world without having to individually integrate separate payment methods. By providing local payment methods, your shoppers can pay in the ways they know and trust.



  • store must have more than $2M annual revenue
  • must be based in the U.S., Europe (specific countries only), Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, or Singapore
  • store must use Optimized One Page Checkout.
  • merchants will need to sign up for an Adyen test account to apply for a live account.

Setting up Adyen

1. Go to Store SetupPayments.

2. Click the plus sign (+) next to Other Online Payment Methods.

Other online payment methods button

3. Locate Adyen and click Set up beside it.

Adyen set up button

4. You will be taken to the Adyen Settings tab. Enter the credentials from your Adyen account into their corresponding fields.

  • Merchant Account — The account used to sign into the Adyen Backoffice. Displayed at the top of the dashboard once logged in.
  • Skin Code — Click Skins in the Adyen Backoffice. Copy the skin code from the list available (or create a new one).
  • User Account Name — Click Settings in the Adyen Backoffice. Click Users and copy the account name.
  • User Account Password — The password used to sign into the above user account.
  • HMAC Key — Click Skins in the Adyen Backoffice. Click the skin code to view the Edit tab. Select the correct HMAC Key in the Test & Live configuration section (Regeneration may be required).

Adyen settings tab

Additionally, there are two settings that you can toggle.

  • Transaction TypeAuthorize & Capture or Authorize Only (see Manually Capturing Transactions for details)
  • Test Mode — determines whether your store is in Test Mode. Set to No (Recommended) when you are ready to take payments.

Additional settings


Using Authorize Only with Adyen? If you set Transaction Type to Authorize Only on BigCommerce, on the Adyen dashboard under Merchant Settings, set the Capture Delay to Manual. If the Transaction Type is set to Authorize & Capture, ensure that the Capture Delay is set to Immediate in the Adyen Dashboard.

5. After saving, three new fields will appear:

  • Notification URL
  • Notification Authentication User Name
  • Notification Authentication Password

Notification fields

These values will be used to configure notifications from Adyen. Go to your Adyen Backoffice and click on Server Communication.

Server Communication button

On this page, select an existing notification (if there are any), or create a new Standard Notification by clicking Add. Then, in the notification settings screen, do the following:

  • Enter the Notification URL into the URL field.
  • Check the Active checkbox.
  • Set the Method to JSON.
  • Enter the Notification Authentication User Name into the User Name field.
  • Enter the Notification Authentication Password into the Password field.

Notification settings
If you set Transaction Type to Authorize Only on BigCommerce, on the Adyen Backoffice under Merchant Settings, set the Capture Delay to Manual. If the Transaction Type is set to Authorize & Capture, ensure that the Capture Delay is set to Immediate in the Adyen Backoffice.

6. Click Save Configuration to complete setup.

Save Configuration button


Creating an Adyen Skin

A skin is an interface that is applied to the Adyen hosted payment page. It can be customized to reflect your brand and to provide a consistent checkout experience. See the following Adyen resources for more information:


Common Questions


Is Adyen right for me?

Adyen can help any merchant looking to expand internationally. Merchants who have multiple stores, each serving individual countries, can benefit the most.

  • For example, a store serving Japan with Yen as the default currency can offer country-specific payment methods and international payment methods (that support Yen) to local and international shoppers respectively.

Additionally, European merchants who want to support regional shoppers with their local currency and payment methods can leverage the benefits of Adyen.

  • For example, on your German online store, with Euro as the default currency, you can allow EU shoppers to make payments in Euro using their local payment method.

Pricing and Fees

What fees are associated with the gateway?

  • Adyen works with over 250 payment gateways. See Adyen's Pricing for more information.

Account Eligibility

What currencies and countries does Adyen support?

  • Adyen accepts payments from anywhere in the world. See Adyen's Payment methods for more information.

What items are restricted for merchants to sell?


After I create an account, what is the waiting period before I can process transactions?

  • Waiting period depends on two things: compliance checks (which can typically take 1-3 business days) and bank account setup (depends on complexity/number of accounts). Once complete, merchants can process transactions as well as receive the payout funds through their bank accounts.

How long until a transactions funds are transferred to my bank?

  • A payment goes through different statuses before reaching your account. See Adyen's Merchant Manual for more information.

What payment methods are displayed to shoppers at checkout?

  • The store's default currency will determine what local payment methods are shown to your customers, and the currency they will be charged in for their order.


How soon after a transaction can I perform a refund?

  • The waiting period will depend on the payment method and transaction type. A sale transaction assumes automatic capture upon authorization, so a refund can be initiated immediately. For authorize/capture, you can cancel a transaction any time until you receive a capture notification. You can send a refund request after a transaction has been captured.
  • For local payment methods, timing depends on whether or not funds are guaranteed. For example, with direct debit and online banking, a transaction must be settled before a refund can be initiated. Payment methods with guaranteed funds, (e.g. Giropay), allow an immediate refund.

How do I perform a refund?

Is there an amount of time after which I cannot perform a refund?

  • Adyen conforms to rules and regulations of each payment method. As a general rule, Adyen doesn’t limit the refund window but relies on each payment type’s rules (e.g. SEPA) to establish those limits.

Are there any fees for chargebacks/refunds?

  • Yes, there is a fee per chargeback. Refunds are charged the same as regular transactions. Additional costs apply for bank-based refunds, such as Bank Transfers and Direct Debits. This refund commission cost doesn’t apply to credit cards and debit cards. See Adyen's Pricing page for more information.

Additional Features

Are there any fraud filtering options available?

  • Yes. Adyen allows merchants to take a customized approach based on their specific requirements. See Adyen's Risk for more information.

Troubleshooting and Payment Disputes

How are payment disputes handled?

How do I contact Adyen's Support?

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