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Connecting to WebDAV

WebDAV is a way to move files between your computer and your store. It allows you to access your store's files from your computer and add, delete, or rename them. It can make some tasks, like adding product images, much faster, and it is the only way to complete other tasks, like applying Stencil Custom Templates.

WebDAV has a limit of 512 MB per file.


Is this is the same as FTP? While they do similar things, WebDAV is a different, more secure protocol. FTP clients will not work with WebDAV. To learn more about the differences see Additional Resources.

Choosing a WebDAV client

You will need a WebDAV client to connect to your store from your computer. We recommend CyberDuck, which prefills most of your store information. See Connecting to WebDAV with CyberDuck for more information. 

If you are using a WebDAV client other than CyberDuck, you can connect manually. See finding your login information below for the necessary steps.

Finding your Login Information

If you are not using Cyberduck as a WebDAV client, follow the instructions here to learn how to connect manually.

1. Go to Server Settings › File Access (WebDAV).

2. You will see the following login information:

  • WebDAV Path - the path (server) of your store, which will be your store's temporary URL followed by /dav
  • WebDAV Server Type - WebDAV (HTTPS/SSL) - the type of server used
  • WebDAV Username - this will be the store owner's email address
  • WebDAV Password - this will be a long string of random numbers and letters

WebDAV credentials page

If you download the connection files for  Cyberduck, most of this information is automatically entered. Cyberduck files do not include the password. You can also enter this information manually i.

Connection files

3. Add the information provided into the appropriate fields in your WebDAV client of choice. 

4. If you need to allow another user to access WebDAV, you can do so by adding or editing a user in Account Settings › Users. Scroll down near the bottom then check the box to enable WebDAV.

The WebDAV section for an individual user.
5. When logging into WebDAV as this user, use the new user's email address for the user name and the password in that user's WebDAV section found in Account Settings › Users. The Path and Server Type will be the same.

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