Connecting to WebDAV

WebDAV is a way to move files between your computer and your store. It allows you to access your store's files from your computer and add, delete, or rename them. It can make some tasks (like adding product images) much faster, and is the only way to complete other tasks (like changing your template images).

WebDAV has a limit of 512 MB per file.

Choosing a WebDAV client

You will need a WebDAV client to connect to your store remotely (i.e. from your computer). We recommend the following programs:

Click the links above to go to directions for connecting with each program. You can also connect to your store via WebDAV using Windows Explorer (for Windows users) or Finder (for Mac OS X users). We, however, do not recommend you use these clients due to their poor and unreliable file transfer speeds and performance.

Finding your login information

1. Go to Server SettingsFile Access (WebDAV).

In some versions of the control panel, this is located under Setup & ToolsFile Access (WebDAV).

2. You will see the following login information:

  • WebDAV Path - the path (server) of your store, which will be your store's temporary URL followed by /dav
  • WebDAV Server Type - WebDAV (HTTPS/SSL) - the type of server used
  • WebDAV Username - this will be the store owner's email address
  • WebDAV Password - this will be a long string of random numbers and letters

WebDAV credentials page

3. If you need to create another account that can access WebDAV, you can do so by creating a user and enabling WebDAV. Use the new user's email address for the user name, and the password in that user's WebDAV section for the WebDAV password. The Path and Server Type will be the same.

The WebDAV section for an individual user.

These articles cover a few things that you can do with WebDAV.

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