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What is Checkout Flow

Checkout flow is not just about your checkout page. This flow includes things like how customers create accounts, customizing your terms and conditions, accepting orders with multiple addresses, notifying customers of order status updates, and providing multiple payment options to your customers (and that’s just to name a few).

Why Checkout Flow is Important

Making your checkout flow intuitive and frictionless is critical to best converting shoppers into paying customers. Although BigCommerce has optimized your checkout flow, in time you should tailor your store’s checking flow to your target audience to help them best complete their order.

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Have a specific question or issue? Check out some of the discussions in our Community. Post your question and speak directly to other business owners, BigCommerce Staff and Partners who specialize in this area. It's likely someone just like you has already been there.

Work with an Agency

Want to work with an expert to tailor your checkout flow for your target audience? Check out our BigCommerce approved agencies, as they are extremely familiar with our platform and working with our staff. They're a great place to start as they'll help you plan and execute a checkout design that is tailored to reflect your business and best convert your target clientele.

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