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Bulk Pricing

To encourage shoppers to purchase more and in higher quantities, merchants will often offer quantity discounts on certain products, also known as bulk pricing. Bulk pricing involves offering a particular item or group of items at a lower price based on the number ordered. This is particularly useful to wholesalers and merchants who sell items that are typically bought in bulk.

You can offer bulk pricing for both individual products using Bulk Pricing Rules, and for whole categories of products (including multiple categories) using a Cart-Level Discount.


Enabling Bulk Discounts

To enable bulk discounts on your store, go to Store SetupStore Settings, then click the Display tab. Check the Enable Bulk Discount setting.


Creating Bulk Pricing Rules for a Product

Bulk pricing discounts can be managed under the Bulk Pricing tab when adding or editing a product.

Bulk pricing rules when adding or editing a product

1. Enter your quantity ranges.

  • Enter one range per line.
  • You can use multiple lines.
  • Each line may be a flat price or percentage discount off each individual item
  • You can use an asterisk (*) character as a wildcard. For example, a rule that begins Purchases between 10 and * of this product... would apply to any quantity higher than 10.

2. If you want to add additional ranges, click the + button to the right of your discount. To remove a range, click the - button.

3. Save your changes. When you view the product in your store, you will notice a "Buy in bulk and save" message near the Add to cart button. This message may appear differently based on your store’s theme.


Bulk Pricing for All Products in One or More Categories

Use a cart-level discount to offer bulk pricing across an entire category of products.

This is useful if you want to offer the same kind of bulk pricing rule incentive across multiple, similar products in one more categories. Discount rules also offer other advanced functionality. You can:

  • limit the bulk discount to a particular customer group
  • set a start and stop date for the discount
  • limit the number of times the discount can be used
  • manually activate/deactivate the discount at any time

Creating a Cart-Level Tiered Quantity Discount

1. Go to MarketingCart-Level Discounts and click Create Cart-Level Discount.

2. Give the rule a name, and for Choose a Rule Type, select Category discount.

3. Select Apply a tiered discount to applicable products based on the quantity of items ordered within one or more categories.

4. Select the categories you want the discount to apply to.

5. Specify the Minimum quantity and Discount value. Click the + button to add a new line and the button to remove a line.

Cart-level tiered category discount (bulk pricing for a whole category)

6. Adjust your other discount settings like Customer Groups, Duration, and Activation, and Save your changes when you’re done.

See Creating Cart-Level Discounts for more information and help with cart-level discounts.



Can I assign bulk pricing to products using a CSV import file?


Can I set bulk pricing for variants?

Variant-level bulk pricing is possible using Price Lists.

Does the price on the product page change or update?

No. The price on the storefront product page does not dynamically adjust based on the currently selected quantity. However, the subtotal presented on the cart page does reflect the discounted sum.

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