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Did you know? Google has replaced Google Trusted Stores with Google Customer Reviews. You may continue to use your Google Trusted Stores dashboard to manage purchase protection issues until June 2017. We're actively working on updating our integration and documentation to reflect these changes. In the meantime, visit Google's Introducing Google Customer Reviews to learn more.

Google Trusted Stores is a free certification program to highlight that you offer a consistently great shopping experience. Once qualified, your store will be recognized with a badge that is displayed on your site and on Google Shopping.

Your customers will be offered free purchase protection by Google after making a purchase on your site, covering eligible orders up to $1,000. The program also helps you qualify for seller ratings and review extensions, which are displayed in your text ads on Google and can increase their click-through rate.

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BigCommerce provides an automated Google Trusted Stores integration for stores on the Enterprise and Pro plans.

Google Trusted Stores Requirements

Your BigCommerce store must meet the following criteria in order to integrate with Google Trusted Stores:


Your store must be based in one of the following countries:

  • United States
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • France
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom

In addition, Google requires you to meet certain eligibility criteria and performance standards. See Google Trusted Stores overview.

Creating a Google Trusted Stores Account

Before you enable Google Trusted Stores within your BigCommerce control panel, you’ll need to create a Google Trusted Stores account.

1. Go to Google Trusted Stores and follow the instructions to create a new Google Trusted Stores account.

2. Complete each section of the application.

3. After every task has been completed, click Complete Setup and Begin Technical Integration.

4. Return to your BigCommerce control panel to enable Google Trusted Stores within BigCommerce.

Setting Up Google Trusted Stores

1. In your BigCommerce control panel, go to MarketingGoogle Trusted Stores.

2. Enter the following information:

  • Google Trusted Stores ID — This ID can be located in your Google Trusted Stores account at the bottom of the Merchant Dashboard.
  • GTS ID Location
  • Estimated Shipping Days — the expected number of days between when the customer places an order and you ship it. (This is used by Google to determine whether you are meeting the performance standard of shipping orders on time.)
  • Estimated Delivery Days — the expected number of days between when you’ve shipped the order and when the customer receives it. (This is used by Google to determine whether you are meeting the performance standard of having orders delivered on time.)
  • Badge location — Specify where on your storefront you want to display the Google Trusted Stores badge. You can choose between bottom right, bottom left, and custom.

Google Trusted Stores

If using a custom badge location, you will be asked to specify the ID of the custom HTML DIV container you or your developer has added. Enter the ID without quotation marks.

3. Save your changes. If you need to edit any settings later, you can do so by clicking the Gear icon.

Completing the Setup

Within your Google Trusted Stores dashboard, navigate to the Home screen and complete each section under Technical Integration by clicking on the Go buttons.

  • Access rights
  • Support contacts
  • Store integration - in this section, you will be asked to add two snippets of JavaScript to your website. Click Go without making any changes, as BigCommerce does this automatically.

Technical integration Go buttons

Browser Testing

To be eligible for the Google Trusted Stores program, you must validate that the Google Trusted Stores code functions consistently across all common browsers. Follow the steps below.

1. Under Account Management, click Stores.

2. Click the Test button for each store.

3. Follow the steps on the JavaScript validation instructions popup. This will include a URL that you will copy and paste into each browser. You will need to place real orders to pass the validation, but you can use store credit or the test payment gateway.

NOTE: When you run the tests, you should expect to see “Passed with warnings”. You can safely ignore the warnings. The BigCommerce integration with Google Trusted Stores does not support the following optional Google Shopping Feed attributes:

  • Google Shopping Item ID
  • Google Shopping Account ID

Testing must be conducted on the following browsers:

BrowserVersion(s) (test any of the following)
ChromeAny version
Internet ExplorerVersion 9 or higher
FirefoxAny version

Learn more about the browser testing process at Validate your JavaScript implementation.

The Google Trusted Stores badge won’t immediately appear. After Google Trusted Stores is enabled, Google will begin monitoring your orders, and the badge will automatically appear once Google has confirmed that the eligibility criteria and performance standards are met. This process can take up to 90 days, depending on the volume of orders processed by your store.

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